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  1. guitarslinger

    Desert Island Amp

    First piece of gear I’ve bought in a long time. Found a clean one and couldn’t resist. Guild and Maggies are inexorably linked in my mind since they were the 2 major lines carried by the studio where I took lessons. My first Magnatone was a ‘65 M10A purchased new and just like this one
  2. guitarslinger

    Tuners for DeArmond

    Just received a DeArmond T-400 in Tennessee Orange upon which I'll be changing the tuners. I'm leaning toward Sperzel locking type. I want to keep the tulip style keys. Anyone have something they particularly like for this guitar? If I recall the tuner holes are 10mm so that's a...
  3. guitarslinger

    I know I'm entering the danger zone...

    ...when asking for opinions. But, a more knowledgeable group I do not know and I need advice. I'm repumbing my pedal boards trying to go from 4 to 3 one of which one will be for my Guild D50. It has K&k pickup and I run through an EQ and delay into a Fishman amp. Would I benefit from an...
  4. guitarslinger

    Compton Bridge

    Is Compton no more?
  5. guitarslinger

    S200 traditional or stop tail?

    Should be in the market for a Thunderbird soon. I much prefer the traditional version for cosmetic reasons. I'll be switching out the pickups for a set of TV Jones. I've re-read the string of posts about the switches on GAD's guitar and I have some concerns there. So, looking for input that...
  6. guitarslinger


    Just took delivery on a Córdoba (Not Guild but at least our current mater familias) Fusion 14 Maple. Anyone here play nylon? (Silly question) Care to recommend strings for that guitar? (Serious question)
  7. guitarslinger

    Am I the only one...

    ...who's never seen one of these before?
  8. guitarslinger

    Fewer guitars

    I'm lucky that in my 64th year I'm still actively playing and retain the majority of my technical skills. What I've lost in technique has been more than replaced by a deeper knowledge of the instrument. As I look toward the future I realize there may be a point when I may be wise to winnow my...
  9. guitarslinger

    Question about the Stuart X-500

    Who is Stuart?
  10. guitarslinger

    10 minutes...S100 499.00 Reverb

    15 minutes ago I pushed the "pay" button on an amp I be been wanting. 5 minutes ago I saw a beautiful white NS S100 for 499.00. My money's gone. But, heads up crew!
  11. guitarslinger

    Guild On-line Customer Service

    I really really like my new NSBluesbird. And, I especially really really love it with the HB1's installed. But, the guitar had two minor quality control issues when I received it. The first is that one of the set screws in the Tonepros tail piece was missing. The second is that the little...
  12. guitarslinger

    New lingerie for this sexy little number

    Project underway. Sadly I'm out of time today. More later when it's done.
  13. guitarslinger

    NS Bluesbird with HB1's

    I just ordered a set of HB1's from Guild for my NS Bluesbird. Based upon GAD's review they should fit with a little work. We will see what "a little work" turns out to be. The Duncan's in it now will go into my PRS SE Zach Myers so nothing is wasted except the PRS pickups which I think are a...
  14. guitarslinger

    Peter Tork Guild Content
  15. guitarslinger

    Music Store Live

    I've always enjoyed doing business with these guys. Knowledgeable staff, reasonable prices, outstanding customer service has been my consistent experience. I only recently bought my new NS Guild Bluesbird through them. Great experience. I suffer from chronic GAS so I'm always looking for...
  16. guitarslinger

    It's not a _______, but, it does that!

    I've been playing through a Strymon Deco now for several weeks. I have to say it has been one of my all time best pedal purchases. Tone enhancement, overdrive, echo, chorus, and flange. Any love here for this pedal?
  17. guitarslinger

    New amp for my anniversary

    My wife graced me with a small memento in honor of our anniversary...An Orange Micro Terror. Still, I have to wonder what it was about the Micro Terror that made her think of me. Thanks honey!
  18. guitarslinger

    That works for me!

  19. guitarslinger

    Militant Guildism!

    Printed on the box in which my guitar came. Hadn't seen this before.
  20. guitarslinger

    New Guild Delivery: Bluesbird

    Wife goes to work in a bit. Details and impressions later today.