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  1. Walter Broes

    Modified NS X175 almost done!

    I got a (barely) used Newark Street X175 for 500 Euros this summer, and I finally got around to redoing the electronics. I gutted it and made a new CTS/Switchcraft harness for it, Gibson "50's wiring", and put the pickups on it. It has a vintage DeArmond beveled top pickup like the very...
  2. Walter Broes

    more new Newark Street guitars!

    Funky retro kitsch cool, or severely ugly duckling? I won't comment on the location of the bridge pickup (or did I just do that?) Starfire I Jet 90
  3. Walter Broes

    Newark Street X350 Stratford video

    Hey Guitar Geeks! We got a NS X350 in at the store today, and I made some quickie clips with my little Zoom video recorder. Not quite pro quality video, no close mic'ing, just the recorder in the room with the amp. The amp is a Headstrong Lil' King S, and I also used a Greer "Tomahawk"...
  4. Walter Broes

    New Newark Street archtops, apparently

    Anybody else who saw Guild's instagram story yesterday? They had "artist day" in Oxnard it said, and it showed some clips of people visiting the factory, and playing some familiar and not so familiar Newark Street guitars. Clearly visible in the short clips were what looked like the Korean...
  5. Walter Broes

    Cherry/mahogany X175

    It sold fast, it wasn't on Reverb longer than a day and a half, and I'm not surprised either - check out this fairly unique X175 in cherry with what appears to be a Starfire style laminated mahogany body (or at least the outer laminate layer) ...
  6. Walter Broes

    My trusty old X175 in action!

  7. Walter Broes

    NS X175 a couple of years later - slight problem

    While I still think the Newark Street guitars are not a bad deal at all - they're cheap, and even cheaper used - I'm wondering if anyone's running into similar developments with theirs : I have a black one I bought some three years ago, and I've customized it some (Bigsby, tune-a-matic...
  8. Walter Broes

    Played an Oxnard M-20 today!

    As some of you might know, I work at a local guitar store part time. Today we got our first Oxnard-made Guild in, a brand new M-20. I like it a lot - we have the Chinese made equivalent in the store too, and the Oxnard M-20 is a better sounding guitar, when you have them side by side you...
  9. Walter Broes

    An actual "Guitar in F"!

    You don't see these every day!
  10. Walter Broes

    Shameless self promotion : my Truefire video is available for pre-order!

    My first-ever venture into online/video guitar lessons : I did a Rockabilly guitar video/course for Truefire, and it's available for pre-order as of today. Here's the promo video they did for it :
  11. Walter Broes

    Guild X-160 Savoy Rockabilly- Made in Westerly, 1993 - For Sale

    Hey there, your guitar is the first version X160, not the later "X160 Rockabilly" model.
  12. Walter Broes

    Newark Street X175 tweaks, round one.

    I have a very recent Newark Street X175, a black one. It came the way the sunbursts are, wood bridge and harp tailpiece. Here's what I've done to it so far, to make it resemble what I'm used to (my old ones) more, and to make it a practical stage guitar : -put a tune-a-matic bride saddle on...
  13. Walter Broes

    Cordoba Guild folks, are you reading this?

    In case you are, check out this beautiful X500 on Ebay : It's got a silly price on it, (more than $6000) but let's not discuss that too much - it's got white topped single coil DeArmond pickups on it. As did a bunch of early Starfires, and a handful of X175's and CE100D's. Inspired...
  14. Walter Broes

    Muddy Waters, TWO Thunderbirds, and .....a Guild Keyboard?!?

    Looks like Guild was pretty serious about seeing their endorsers really were "all Guild" bands - but a Guild keyboard? I had no idea. Is this a similar scenario to the Copicat and Binson Echo units they imported/distributed?
  15. Walter Broes

    Couldn't resist...

    Because I'm a sucker for a black hollowbody. Brand spanking new. I put the (USA) Bigsby on it just now.
  16. Walter Broes

    My new band's first single/video! (vintage X175 content!)

    My still fairly new band's first single! It's on Amazon now, it'll be available on Itunes very, very soon. I'm not just holding my trusty '62 as a video prop - it was recorded with this guitar too.
  17. Walter Broes

    just got back from Frankfurt Musik messe and....

    some hardcore Westerly Guild fans might shake their heads in dusgust at some Guild/Cordoba news. (Frankfurt's Musikmesse is the Euro equivalent to NAMM) I was at the Cordoba booth, and Guild was well represented, displaying all the same Newark Street guitars they had at NAMM, still a bunch of...
  18. Walter Broes

    Last night with my favorite guitar in the whole wide world (X175 content)

    I love my '62 175. Recently had it refretted (again), and I'm soooo glad to have it back in perfect playing condition - new medium jumbo Jescar frets, new TOM bridge, new nut, and I fell in love with it all over again.
  19. Walter Broes

    Trade Bigsby B5 for B6?

    I have a brand new in the box unused Bigsby B5 I don't need (the horseshoe one for solidbodies), and I'm looking for a B6. (Bigsby, non-Guild one) I'm in Belgium, so European transactions preferred, but I'll ship to you if you'll ship to me. your B6 doesn't have to be new as long as it works...
  20. Walter Broes

    Found a second hand Sunrise pickup!!

    For a pretty OK price. It should be here next week. That is all. :-)