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    NGD F-30

    It arrived earlier today! I let it acclimate for a few hours before opening as the temp outside is not bad today. No shipping issues and it is in better condition than I was expecting. The action is just how I like it, it plays great and it sounds amazing. I am really happy. I have already...
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    Guild flat top article, fact or fiction?

    I think that is the clear plastic pickguard protector but I could be wrong.
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    NGD F-30

    I am primarily an electric guitar player but I have a few acoustic guitars for when I get in the mood. I have a handful of older Guild electric guitars but I can’t believe that I have never owned a Guild acoustic! Well, that just ended. I have been wanting a smaller bodied acoustic and stumbled...
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    Anti-hum pickup repair recommendations

    Ok, I decided since I was going to send one off to get rewound, I might as well take it apart and test some areas just to see. As I had it apart moving thing’s around I noticed I suddenly got good resistance readings. It would come and go but I was unable to pinpoint the exact cause. It appears...
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    Anti-hum pickup repair recommendations

    I talked to Tom. He has experience with the anti-hums. He rewinds them using all of the original metal parts and magnets but due to the epoxy has to install new bobbins. I think I will ship him one of my bad pickups and see how it turns out. I will report back with results...and photos of course!
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    Anti-hum pickup repair recommendations

    Thanks! I will reach out and to him and discuss
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    Anti-hum pickup repair recommendations

    In my spare parts box I have two 1960’s anti-hum pickups that need some diagnosis and probably repairs. Both pickups are acting the same. They both work but sound a little thin. The ohms on one is very high and the ohm reading on the other is open acting like there is a break in the coil wire. I...
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    NGD: Guild X 170

    Welcome and beautiful Guild!
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    The guitar in Jay Black's photo

    It is a Starfire Custom 7 from 1969. Here is a thread discussing the known Custom 7 guitars and that photo is in the second post. The earlier ones had the selector switch on the upper horn where it moved to the lower on the later produced models...
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    FS 1960s Guild pickguard.$79+$8 shipping.

    Have the pickup cutouts been modified or enlarged to fit different pickups? Hard to tell from the photos. Thanks
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    How many cups of coffee you all at a day?

    A lot. The first thing I do every day is turn on the espresso machine and it stays on until dinner. I am on my third espresso while I type this and I have only been awake 45 minutes. Don’t they say that black coffee is healthy? 😁 I have a section of my kitchen dedicated to my espresso/coffee...
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    Starfire 2/3 restoration

    Interesting photos. What is the black liquid looking stuff he used to fill the spaces between the maple headstock overlay veneer and the inlays? I have seen black superglue used for small gaps but not large of gaps that large like the ones around the Guild inlay.
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    NGD! 1968 Starfire V Black

    I would love to find a black Starfire VI to complete the black semi hollow Starfire set! I have seen a few Ebony Starfire VI but I don’t recall ever seeing a black one. It makes sense to use the Ebony finish as you can see the figure through the finish on the VI. Has anybody seen a 60’s black...
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    Two new to me Guilds

    Beautiful! I am not an acoustic cutaway fan, but that one could change my mind! Congrats
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    NGD! 1968 Starfire V Black

    I agree. I like the darker fretboard much better...but you won’t hear me complain about that black Starfire IV, even with the lighter fretboard!
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    NGD! 1968 Starfire V Black

    I know nothing about Bobby Lee straps, but I like the way it looks!
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    NGD! 1968 Starfire V Black

    Ok, I obviously have GAS issues and LTG does not help! I make the, obvious, mistake of frequently looking at what Guilds are for sale here, Reverb, EBay, Craigslist, etc.. I am particularly susceptible to GAS with 1960’s electric Guilds. I was looking around last Sunday night and came across a...
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    How long would you wait?

    serial number puts it in that late 1980’s date and it has the ”made in USA” on the headstock
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    T-100D on fire!

    I am guessing 1966-1969. The first photo looks like it has a volute (really hard to tell definitely from that photo). The tuners (from the front) also look like the Japanese made ones from that time period. Now I will just sit back and wait to be Hans’d