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  1. Canard

    Interesting Article on John McGeoch

    A biography of John McGeoch has been published and the article below is sort of an abstract of that bio. McGeoch was the guitarist for Magazine and Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees. In North America he remains relatively unknown, I think, but he was hugely influential on people like Johnny...
  2. Canard

    Graham Nash Interview

    New live album coming out ..
  3. Canard

    RIP Guitar Shorty

    Guitar World Obit:
  4. Canard

    McCartney Necro-Duets with Lennon
  5. Canard

    RIP Susan Jacks (ex The Poppy Family)

    Susan Jacks has passed away at the age of 73. She had been a member of The Poppy Family with her singer-songwriter husband, Terry Jacks, leader of the late 60s Vancouver-based Canadian group. Terry Jacks and The Poppy Family were apparently a large influence on Kurt Cobain. Cobain allegedly...
  6. Canard

    Samara Joy and Pasquale Grosso - Stardust

    Three great things together, Samara, Pasquale, and Hoagy :love:
  7. Canard

    Ry Cooder and Taj Mahal

    Fifty six years after performing together in a group that went nowhere, The Rising Sons, Taj Majal and Ry Cooder are reunited as a thing. They appeared together on stage once in 2014, the only time together in all those years. They seem pumped in the interview...
  8. Canard

    The Dreaded "C" Word

    Despite being careful and being triple vaccinated, my wife and I have come down with Covid - confirmed with rapid antigen tests which have a very low rate of false positive results. Because we are vaccinated and are generally in good health, the situation is neither serious nor...
  9. Canard

    Fake Artists - Another Interesting Read from Ted Gioia

    If Gioia's "industry insider" source is good, here maybe is another kick in the crotch for musicians from streaming services.
  10. Canard

    Dark Side of the Moon - 40 Years Old Last Month (in 2013)

    My son [erroneously] pointed out to me that Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon was 40 years old last month [but it was 40 years old last month in 2013 as willeypicket has pointed out below]. Do I feel [even older] old or what? Pink Floyd seems to have commissioned a series of cover art...
  11. Canard

    When the Party is Over

    Musicians and Singers reflect on the evaporation of popularity and associated fortune. Don’t give up your day-job skills. Have a plan B. Don’t give up your music. In the distant past I...
  12. Canard

    Daniel Rossen (Ex Grizzly Bear Guitarist/Singer) Interview

    Reflections on going solo from sometime Guild guy, Daniel Rossen.
  13. Canard

    RIP - Chris Bailey (of The Saints)

    Aussie lead singer of The Saints passes away.
  14. Canard

    John Lennon vs the Mobster

    There is apparently a book coming out about Lennon's struggles against the boss of Roulette Records.
  15. Canard

    Little Hurricane

    I saw this White-Stripes-like duo ... maybe .... fifteen years or more ago as an opening act. They did not really have it all that together - they were working hard at it though. This live in the studio session is about five years old now. I just stumbled across it by accident. They are much...
  16. Canard

    Stephen Fearing - Livestream - April 18th

    Stephen Fearing Lovely human being. Great singer/songwriter. Member of Blackie and the Rodeo Kings. In hybrid in-person/streaming concert at the Rogue Folk Club, Vancouver, B.C. April 15, 8:00 PM Pacific Time $10 CDN about $8.00 US for Live Stream...
  17. Canard

    Guitarist and Bass Player Don't Go Down with the Ship

    But they are the last ones off ... having helped to save hundreds of lives .. Interesting story. Does a life as a working musician give one the strength, stamina, and fortitude to deal calmly with any (other ;)) disaster?
  18. Canard

    Bonnie Tyler ... er .. Baker

    Bonnie Tyler ... er ... Baker (see correction from JP below) (No not That One) This 1939 78 by band leader Orrin Tucker was the sole record that came with my latest acoustic gramophone purchase. Tucker was a second string Swing guy. His most popular vocalist was (Wee) Bonnie Tyler ,... er...
  19. Canard

    Nat King Cole Trio (with Oscar Moore)

    I bought another windup gramophone from a very sweet elderly couple the other day - it is becoming a sickness like with guitars. ;) They called me back a day or so later to ask if I was interested in some records. I went and looked and bought some stuff from them, including a 1953 release of...
  20. Canard

    PUP, the Band, not the Acronym

    A Canadian Neo/Post-Punk group that has been around for a dozen years or so, all the while flying under the radar, suddenly gets some international notice. I had never heard of them before, but then I don't frequent Toronto. A brief look at their stuff on Youtube reveals energetic...