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  1. HeyMikey

    What I love about summer

    I know, it’s not summer yet but to me strawberry picking in New England kicks things off. From today’s haul… And don’t forget the Reddi Wip!
  2. HeyMikey

    Thalia 50% Off BOGO Everything!

    Just got an email
  3. HeyMikey

    Sold 1987 GF60R in MA

    *** SOLD PENDING FUNDS *** Well, I gave it the old college try. However I’ve decided to sell the GF60R just over a year after having purchased it from Richard P. This is probably my favorite guitar in terms of… well everything… except for the cursed 1-11/16 nut. The top is an amazing shimmery...
  4. HeyMikey

    WTB Orpheum OM 14 fret

    Preferably the MH mahogany version
  5. HeyMikey

    NGD - GSR F30CE

    About a month or so ago I jumped on this one but am now finally getting to spend some time with it. I took a drive down to the New Hartford CT area and picked up this 2014 repaired beauty from a guy who works at the Ovation shop. It was a great opportunity to try a guitar on my want list that...
  6. HeyMikey

    Does this burst seem … weird?

    Is it just me or does this not seem like a typical factory burst?
  7. HeyMikey

    Sold 1978 F40 for sale

    Apr 2022: Back on the market now that the weather is getting good to ship. I like the sound a whole lot but it’s on the large size for me and the nut width is too narrow vs my preferred 1-3/4. Will sell locally in MA for $1500...
  8. HeyMikey

    NGD CO-1 Cedar

    Ray was right, these are great guitars! It arrived yesterday, I opened it today and gave her a spin. I like it. It has a nice warm tone with good clarity, sustain and bass end. It is responsive to a light touch with comparable volume to an F30 series. The neck width is comfortable, action...
  9. HeyMikey

    NGD: 2021 Marley

    I just got this today. Ordered from GC two days ago. Gave it a quick inspection and play. My overall impression is mixed. Likes: The very first thing you notice taking it out of the box is how insanely light this is. I guess this is also a dislike. On my bathroom scale it is about 3.8-4.0...
  10. HeyMikey

    15.3% Beer

    Enjoying a Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA on a perfect New England fall afternoon. It’s a whopping 15.3% alcohol so just splitting one 12 oz. bottle between us is enough to get a buzz. Super concentrated, intense flavors and almost port like. They only make it in the fall and it sells out...
  11. HeyMikey

    A star in the making?

    Sorry no Guild content. Not sure if that matters at all though. Hoping the mods don’t mind but I couldn’t resist. * Language warning *
  12. HeyMikey

    Sold Delete

    Sold delete
  13. HeyMikey

    Sold 2007 F47 Brazilian

    *** SOLD elsewhere *** Please message me privately if something in the ad doesn’t look right.
  14. HeyMikey

    Mr. Groovy and that hippie chick

    Just saw this. Damn she is sooooo good. The two together … awesome. She just took old swivel hips for a ride up to a whole new level on this one.
  15. HeyMikey

    WTB WTB GF25

    I’m too heavy on rosewood so am thinking a GF25 might be worth a try. Let me know if you have a nice one that doesn’t need major work which you would consider selling.
  16. HeyMikey

    FedEx will require signatures again

    Well this is very welcome news!
  17. HeyMikey

    NGD - F40 Maple goodness

    Quick peak… while out school shopping with my daughter I am weak. I tried, but couldn’t resist, though I had a good reason. I did, really… I am very good at convincing myself. Has a couple minor issues, NBD, but the sound is freaking amazing! More later tonight…
  18. HeyMikey

    So cool !

    Johnny Ramone’s Mosrite Love that he used it so much for so long at shows and in the studio. What history!
  19. HeyMikey

    NGD - And its electrifying!

    Quick peak at what I just unboxed… One beauty of a spruce top Nightbird II. Somewhere recently I had posted that I was on the lookout for a Nightbird. I was actually looking for a maple top because a) I love maple on electrics and b) some Guild maple is truly outstanding. However, our...
  20. HeyMikey


    Picked this up from a local CL/TGP ad. Very clean Vintage Sound hand-wired clone of a Deluxe Reverb. It’s an earlier version about 8 years old, but fairly close to their current VS22, except for lack of their reverb dwell feature. However, this was made as a separate head and speaker cab (solid...