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  1. Guildedagain

    1959 Silvertone and Supro Creamburst Single Cuts

    Looks like these two companies got into the same color scheme using the same paints in 1959, with this wonderful Creamburst finish that displays fabulous checking. The Supro is a serious tone monster, rasps like a Les Paul on the bridge pickup, superb break-up from a Tweed Champ type amp.
  2. Guildedagain

    FS 1965 S50 Alder Bod Lightweight Special w/Tremar

    Substantial C shaped neck, 1 11/16" nut width, original nut is like new, 1 3/4" @ 3rd fret, 2" @ 12th fret.
  3. Guildedagain

    FS 1965 S50 Alder Bod Lightweight Special w/Tremar

    Spring cleaning, downsizing. Gave up on the trade idea.
  4. Guildedagain

    FS 1972 Dobro 33H round neck

    Giving up ideas of a trade as I'm in downsizing mode, cash will take it home.
  5. Guildedagain

    Im going to blow up!

    Do some pushaways.
  6. Guildedagain

    Mundane Thoughts or Comments

    Netting is hell on snakes, had to free a couple from the strawberry patch a couple years ago, thankfully not rattlers, and then one died and we threw the netting away.
  7. Guildedagain

    Who’s Drunk the Archback Kool-aid?

    Better than a whole heard of Taylors ;]
  8. Guildedagain

    PSA Reverb Scam Solicitation

    Got the same one a few days ago, turned it into Reverb.
  9. Guildedagain

    Looking For A Looper For Live, 1 Guitar Performing

    EH 720 looper, two switches, plus stores multiple loops. Very favorable reviews to my playing along to my own loops through this pedal.
  10. Guildedagain

    Mundane Thoughts or Comments

    Crocks are ok but I don't like the way they build static. Need a more natural alternative that's also quite water resistant.
  11. Guildedagain

    Mundane Thoughts or Comments

    Imagine, being a millionaire from playing a guitar.
  12. Guildedagain

    Mundane Thoughts or Comments

    And this just in: Snake venom to the rescue ;]...
  13. Guildedagain

    🔥🔥🔥 Hot Centerfold - *nsfw...🙈

    I can go for this. God, make it happen and I'll change ;]
  14. Guildedagain


    Strings have gone up, plus there's tax on ever single thing you buy now, so a 3 pack of my favorite strings = $23.71 after tax = $7.90 a pack, still a relatively small purchase for something that makes you feel that good.
  15. Guildedagain

    Mundane Thoughts or Comments

    Peecycling to save the world from imminent destruction. Liquid Gold. Who's got it, where can you get it, can you make it yourself? A veritable fountain of wealth at your disposal. Don't waste it. Just click here for a taste of the future...
  16. Guildedagain

    🔥🔥🔥 Hot Centerfold - *nsfw...🙈

    Yes, you need more colors.
  17. Guildedagain

    New Compton bridge for my Starfire 111!

    I can still read Roman numerals at the end of movies. This is me: MCMLX
  18. Guildedagain

    Starfire III restoration

    Thx for taking the time to post. It is still a fee free world, and we all reserve the right to make mistakes. Forum life can get you up, or down, but remember it's not real. You can walk away, usually for the better personally. Typing away on a forum is like cheating on your partner, ignoring...
  19. Guildedagain

    Serge Gainsbourg trio 1964

    Too much noise that keeps you from hearing the bass ;]
  20. Guildedagain

    Come up with an original, new, name for a band

    The Fregoli Delusion