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  1. chazmo

    A 1987 Westerly-made GF-40 is my first Guild acquisition

    Good luck, welshtoast. Nice set of rosewood there.
  2. chazmo

    Speaking of Mini-Starfires

    Serious question (from me anyway)... Headstock says "XXXXX by Guild" right? What is it?
  3. chazmo

    NGD! Westerly D25 in tobacco burst

    Congrats on the new (old) D-25, boneman. It looks great. I wouldn't trust the online charts, Mikey... @hansmoust, do you have a date for this D-25 (I think it's DA103818, if I'm reading the picture right).
  4. chazmo

    NGD… F-312 coming soon!

    Nice. Please post a photo spread with your NGD when you get it! That's exciting!
  5. chazmo

    Customer for life

    Gotcha. Well sorry you're not bonding with it. Hope the string change does the trick!
  6. chazmo

    Customer for life

    Stagefright, wouldn't a JF-55 be at least 20 years old? Can I/we see a picture?
  7. chazmo

    🔥🔥🔥 Hot Centerfold - *nsfw...🙈

    Zulu's animation is making me both nauseous and aroused.
  8. chazmo

    🔥🔥🔥 Hot Centerfold - *nsfw...🙈

    :) Yup, Bartolini! :D
  9. chazmo

    🔥🔥🔥 Hot Centerfold - *nsfw...🙈

    Boy, I really like that color, EWH! Are the Bertoni pickups good? Just curious.
  10. chazmo

    Hot mess mods

    ^ I'll bet that guy's amp goes to 11.
  11. chazmo

    F 2512

    Well, this thread has me very confused. @dreadnut, was the guitar a dreadnaught or a folk-style body?
  12. chazmo

    F 2512

    Do you have the right model name, dreadnut? The Westerly-series F-2512 model is maple-bodied with spruce top...
  13. chazmo

    Robert Plant and Alison Kraus, "Can't Let Go"

    That is awesome! Thanks for that MT.
  14. chazmo

    Latest from Acorn House Guitars

    Wow, Sandy, what a beautiful bass! Enjoy it!
  15. chazmo

    Robert Plant and Alison Kraus, "Can't Let Go"

    ^Hey, MT, which video are you talking about (with Tom). I'd like to see that one.
  16. chazmo

    Robert Plant and Alison Kraus, "Can't Let Go"

    Any of you guys getting this?
  17. chazmo

    Im going to blow up!

    Never apologize for celebrating, beecee! :D :D
  18. chazmo

    FS 1920’s Oscar Schmidt Stella parlor guitar

    Wow, very beautiful, Heath! Good luck with the sale. You sure don't see many of these around!
  19. chazmo

    Photos of my A-20 Marley

  20. chazmo

    Identification help?

    Cool sides! Yeah, not-a-Guild.