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  1. Canard

    Janis Ian

    Starting in my youth (late teen-years), I had a incredibly destructive, volatile, teeth and nails, matches-and-gasoline relationship with an impossibly good-looking and impossibly high-maintenance older woman who was a professional dancer. The relationship lasted almost fourteen chaotic, toxic...
  2. Canard

    Interesting Article on John McGeoch

    A biography of John McGeoch has been published and the article below is sort of an abstract of that bio. McGeoch was the guitarist for Magazine and Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees. In North America he remains relatively unknown, I think, but he was hugely influential on people like Johnny...
  3. Canard

    Tone Deaf Tuesday

    We all play slightly out of tune so that we can modulate keys - equal temperament. We are just used to it. The best way to tune a guitar (without a digital tuner) is to pick the string that has the most accurate intonation at the 12th fret and tune that string to pitch. For convenience, let's...
  4. Canard

    Graham Nash Interview

    New live album coming out ..
  5. Canard

    RIP Guitar Shorty

    Guitar World Obit:
  6. Canard

    McCartney Necro-Duets with Lennon
  7. Canard

    Rubber bridges?

    A friend once had a mid-sixties, catalogue purchased, solid-body, Guyatone guitar that was completely unplayable - impossibly high action. Back in the 70s, I reset the neck angle using a matchbook from the pub where we used to go for a pint or six as a shim - light my fire. The guitar had a...
  8. Canard

    RIP Susan Jacks (ex The Poppy Family)

    CBC Obit In the context of the 60s Vancouver music scene:
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    RIP Susan Jacks (ex The Poppy Family)

    Susan Jacks has passed away at the age of 73. She had been a member of The Poppy Family with her singer-songwriter husband, Terry Jacks, leader of the late 60s Vancouver-based Canadian group. Terry Jacks and The Poppy Family were apparently a large influence on Kurt Cobain. Cobain allegedly...
  10. Canard

    Elis Regina and Tom Jobim

    Stripped down Elis and Tom
  11. Canard

    Samara Joy and Pasquale Grosso - Stardust

    Three great things together, Samara, Pasquale, and Hoagy :love:
  12. Canard

    Ry Cooder and Taj Mahal

    Fifty six years after performing together in a group that went nowhere, The Rising Sons, Taj Majal and Ry Cooder are reunited as a thing. They appeared together on stage once in 2014, the only time together in all those years. They seem pumped in the interview...
  13. Canard

    The Dreaded "C" Word

    Thank you to everyone for their kind responses. My wife and I are definitely on the mend. There have been two days of negative rapid antigen tests. I went out yesterday afternoon and overdid it purchasing garden soil. I also started to catch up on some household things, replacing the door...
  14. Canard

    The Dreaded "C" Word

    Thank you to everyone for their kind wishes. I have spent a lot of time lying on the couch under a blanket binge (re)watching The Last Kingdom, the first two season of which I have seen before so I could drift in and out. With third season, I started having to pay attention, which worked out...
  15. Canard

    Mickey Mouse Pickup Appreciation Thread!

    Ted Greene said, in the most affectionate of manners, that they were very poorly behaved in relation to the politeness of Gibson HBs. Good enough for me! Edit: actually what he said was they were a little unruly. I have been told that they can be very Strat-like in sound and that there...
  16. Canard

    The Dreaded "C" Word

    Despite being careful and being triple vaccinated, my wife and I have come down with Covid - confirmed with rapid antigen tests which have a very low rate of false positive results. Because we are vaccinated and are generally in good health, the situation is neither serious nor...
  17. Canard

    Fake Artists - Another Interesting Read from Ted Gioia

    I believe there are a number of hits of the 50s and early 60s which were conceived by producers and recorded by house session musicians. When they were released with fake group names and became successful on the radio, the producers and the studios had run around and find musicians to form a...
  18. Canard

    Fake Artists - Another Interesting Read from Ted Gioia

    If Gioia's "industry insider" source is good, here maybe is another kick in the crotch for musicians from streaming services.
  19. Canard

    Dark Side of the Moon - 40 Years Old Last Month (in 2013)