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  1. beecee

    Help needed properly explaining to people why the guild laminate archback is not a bad thing

    I say it is not our burden to educate the knaves, reprobates and wretches..... But if you must, ask them to consider the fact that Guild uses laminated back and sides on the F-412.
  2. beecee

    Good Deep-Fried food

    I know you were watching your sodium intake but #3. A dash of salt immediately after getting it out of the fryer
  3. beecee

    A question about the True American series.

    I had a D-4 True American. It does have the laminated arched back but that is NOT an inferior quality in a Guild. It was a great guitar, they are bargains if you can find a good one.
  4. beecee

    guild 12 string

    pretty much the ranch dressing of acoustic guitar tone woods.
  5. beecee

    Any option/suggestion to this wall mounted rack?

    I will also ask where will you store the cases? If your music room is small but must accommodate the cases as well, you may want to consider a rack that holds cases and a floor stand for the instruments you want for grab and go. Ugh....yeah....the cases. Didn't think that far ahead.....rats...
  6. beecee

    Why does my fretboard look like this?

    I read that a while back. Got me looking for a set for camp. Ended up with a nice Lardy set...not top end but nicely weighted and around 40 years old.
  7. beecee

    Why does my fretboard look like this?

    Is that a sweeter version of this??
  8. beecee

    Possessed by an nearly unnatural ability to play the guitar

    I have to admit I FF'd to the end to see that...
  9. beecee

    Any option/suggestion to this wall mounted rack? Getting ready for the move. I was relegated to one small room in the new house so I need to conserve space. I like the fact that they can swivel. Not crazy about the color but...
  10. beecee

    How I lost 1,000 lbs.

    It was placed there around 1910 +/-. I have a postcard dated 1920 showing it there. Local lore says it came from Wanakena after Rich Lumber left the area. They did leave a number of somewhat smaller houses in place, but this was supposedly the mill Mgrs house which they would disassemble...
  11. beecee


    Nice...As pretty as that back shot is I love the look of the rosewood looking in from the soundhole....very rich!
  12. beecee

    BGUF - Beautiful Guitar, Ugly Feet

    I'm not 100% sure but I'm calling it a toe. 1938 Gibby L-00 Not quite a foot...but does an empty boot count?
  13. beecee

    D-55 in action?

    BTW, thanks too for the "approaching middle age" comment. I sort of think of myself as at the upper end of middle age at 49. Take care, West Ha!! That was in 2006! So where do you slot yourself now days????
  14. beecee

    How I lost 1,000 lbs.

    ADK-LMG???. tends to get cold up there early, but if there is interest I think it would be great but the reality is with all the Covid issues and the like, this may be better shelved until next year. Hey, free lodging....only have a small galley kitchen but dueling chefs could make...
  15. beecee

    Elvis with a F50. Burst too. Guild Guitar FB page...

    he looked a tad puffy didn't he. Poor guy.
  16. beecee

    That Blue JF30-12 I sold...

    That guitar sure is a nice match for her eyes🤩
  17. beecee

    How I lost 1,000 lbs.

    Better in person...come on up!! With the exception of the kitchen it is still circa 1860 something. It was a lumber camp Mgrs house that they disassembled and moved onto the island as a joke one winter before departing the denuded area...(all that Adirondack spruce??). I spent the better part...
  18. beecee

    New Hartford era

    great....I don't need to hear this. There is a NH F-50 and an F-212 for sale near me, (2 diff sellers),. Both Standard models. I really don't need to hear this.
  19. beecee

    How I lost 1,000 lbs.

  20. beecee

    How I lost 1,000 lbs.

    Here is the place in the 60's