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    Can You Identify This Wood?

    Google "burled maple images" -- lots of examples out there. Here's one:
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    Piece of binding came off my D-25...

    Looks like they did a straight-cut to the "flat" edge of the heel cap. Problem is the body of the guitar is rounded. For the heel cap to fit flush it needs to exactly match the curve of the guitar. I know this because I tried to replace the missing heel cap on one of my Guilds and did the same...
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    Twilight Zone marathon

    Jack Elam!
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    New Guild Day

    My JF30 12-string WAS the only Walnut stained Guild I’d ever seen — till today! Nice!
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    D-55 in action?

    Great to see Daniel Bachman on here -- long time Guild guy and a real sweetheart. (I've toured with him.) The Guild 12-string he uses on his most recent album he bought from me.
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    NGD - D40 Hoboken label 1967

    And you're a Zappa fan?! These are the same tuners (Van Ghent I believe they're called) that Hagstrom used on their electrics, which Zappa endorsed in a number of ads in the early '60s. I wrote to the "Mother People" ad in printed in the original pressing of *Absolutely Free* (if I remember...
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    Why does my fretboard look like this?

    It was commonplace to dye streaky ebony in the old days -- a solid black fretboard was deemed to be more aesthetically attractive. It was also commonplace to dye lighter woods, like rosewood, so they would look like ebony. I think the latter is what's going on with your guitar, as the...
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    NGD - D40 Hoboken label 1967

    Wiley's Soapbox: For the best sound on an acoustic guitar, a good mic beats any pickup you can put in a guitar, no matter what your playing style is. Most pickups are little synthesizers that are programmed to sound (sort of) like a guitar -- but not neccessarily your guitar. A good mic...
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    Peter Green has passed

    For me the big one is Pink Floyd -- lead guitarist, main songwriter, vocalist and most charismatic member goes bonkers, is given the boot, and five years later they're #1 in the charts and filling stadiums (stadia?) all over the world. (I'm way in the minority, but I still prefer the Barrett...
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    Peter Green has passed

    One of those rare-ish examples of a band going on to phenomenally greater success after one of its key members dropped out. Anyone care to name some others?
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    On the fence - 1979 Guild D-50 or Eastman E20D-TC

    They might disagree over on the "Let's Talk Eastman" site, but I'd go with the Guild!
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    JF 30 love thread

    Thanks, Tom! I'm feelin' the Vegas love!
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    JF 30 love thread

    Nice! A JF30 12-string was my first Guild (I still have it) AND the first of my guitars to have a BD put in it. There was a lot bellying below the bridge when I bought it used. My luthier reglued the bridge and added the Bridge Doctor. The way I adjust them is to put a straight-edge behind...
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    JF 30 love thread

    I have Bridge Doctors in a few guitars so I'm pretty familiar with them. Generally I see an impovement in the sound of the guitars with the BD. l don't know if it's because the BD is correcting a problem that got worse over time and the top is functioning as it was orginally intended again, or...
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    Some thoughts on my new (to me) 1982 D-70 and my other rosewood dreads...

    Very interesting to me. I have noticed that some of the Hoboken and early Westerly Guild 12-strings have super tall, skinny back braces, taller than on any other model Guild I've ever seen. Was that to enhance the sound, or strengthen the back, or. . . ?
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    Neck reset - impact on guitar value ?

    You're right that there are other reasons why a neck might need to be removed, but we're talking about resets, right? Guitars that need their necks reset generally need them due to the neck pulling forward. The question asked was, "Whats the tell?," ie, "How can one tell if a guitar has had a...
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    Neck reset - impact on guitar value ?

    If the luthier really knows their job, it can be very hard to tell if a guitar has had a neck reset. My GV70 had had one before I bought it and I didn't notice it for several years. The tell? If the reset is done properly then the fretboard extension will need a slight ramp / wedge under it in...
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    NGD-JV 72

    If you'd seen the JV72 after the treatment it rec'd from its former owner, and then the pathetic packing and shipping debacle it underwnet getting to me, you'd be astoished Richard. It was brought back from the very edge of extinction. The sound is unlike any other Guild jumbo I've ever heard...
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    NGD - D55-12

    Don't I know it -- my good ol' JV72 changes hands!
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    NGD - D55-12

    Martin made 12 fret 12-strings, but this is the only one I know of from Guild. Anyone ever seen one, either six or 12-string? (Congrats Andrew!)