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    Ryan Bingham is here at Green Valley Ranch....

    I first heard his recording of “The Weary Kind” from the movie “Crazy Heart” a few years back. I’ve liked him ever since. Good movie by the way. Roger
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    Guild D-40

    The D20 seems to be more readily available than the D40, for some reason. It‘s almost as though the factory was focused on cranking out a large number of them once things got back to speed post-Covid. I am seeing more of the sunburst finish (that’s what mine has) than the plain mahogany top...
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    Guild D-40

    Roland, good choice, indeed. I can’t believe how much I like my D20. And, in the months I’ve had it, it has really started to develop its more mature voice. a real pleasure to play. and, yes, good discussion. Roger
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    Guild D-40

    Oh, but wait… there’s more. I checked the website after my last post and found this for the D40. …….“An elegant and thin satin varnish finish gives this guitar its familiar broken-in look and feel, while allowing the tone woods to reach their optimal sonic potential. The D-40’s timeless...
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    Guild D-40

    Oh, OK. Thanks for catching me up on the finish spec change. Either way, Roland, PreacherBob is right about needing both. :giggle: Roger
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    Guild D-40

    D20 and D40 are both satin varnish finished, non dovetail joint construction. D20 is all solid mahogany, D40 is Sitka over mahogany (all solid). D40 Traditional is finished in gloss lacquer, dovetail neck joint and Adirondack bracing under the Sitka spruce top. It’s about $700 more, list price...
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    Guild Tuners for new D-40

    Those tuners will probably be the same as on my D20, with the ivory buttons. You may still prefer to change them out, but I will say the tuners on mine are exceptionally smooth and precise. Very nice tuners. Now, that said, they are still prone to the issues you cited. Just wanted to throw...
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    NGW (week)

    I’d be concerned that an UST would alter the sound and playability of a perfect instrument. How about a K&K instead. nice geetar! rb
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    D-20 made in California. Disappointing build quality

    Did you buy it direct from Guild, and not through a dealer? Could it have been exposed to very dry conditions, or excessive temperatures between the time it left Guild and you received it? I have two new Oxnard Guilds (one is a D20), and both are impeccable in build, playability and tone. im...
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    Bridge pin size for new M20

    Guild is drilling very small pin holes in their US built Oxnard models. Smaller than I’ve ever seen in any other guitar. i reamed the pin holes slightly to accommodate some bone pins in my Oxnard D20. rb
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    What type of strings were used in the 50s/60s ?

    In my early rock and roll days (late 50s to mid 60s) I played flatwounds on my Gibson Melody Maker. I recall the orange Gibson package. Never considered changing strings unless one broke, and then only that one was changed. Those were the days, my friends! roger
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    Plastic covering on new pick guard?

    Yes the D40T has a thin plastic film on the PG. just start in the corner near the neck and use your fingernail to start the peeling process. Then peel away. rb
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    New Guild USA production issues?

    Some US built models seem to be coming out in greater numbers. I bought a D20 from my local mom/pop store and shortly afterwards they got two more in. They also recently got a D40 Trad which followed me home.
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    D40 Traditional in the house

    After months and months waiting, my local small shop got a new D40 Traditional in last week. I was out of town so had to wait until today to check it out. Well, I was completely blown away by the tone of this guitar. Even brand new, the tone is full and rich And extremely articulate for a...
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    You have to fight them?

    My new D20 plays like a dream. This from a guy who has owned many dozen of all makes, all price points. I love it so much I just ordered a D40 to keep it company. rb
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    D-20 owners?

    I love my D20. I’ve been playing for 60+ years and this guitar is so satisfying. Big, rich, beautiful tone. For accompanying vocals it is wonderful. My other dread is a J45 and I don’t feel any difference in the effort it takes to play the Guild, and I’m not a big guy. I have them both...
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    Best new guild acoustics

    My Oxnard D20 is stellar. All mahogany sound in spades. Huge bass, yet balanced throughout the range. Love the neck and playability of this guitar. I’m aiming for a D40 when they hit the store shelves again. rb
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    Is Guild Bound To Go 1 3/4?

    I would not buy another Guild if they changed to 1-3/4 nut width. My Oxnard D20 is perfect for me. I sold a Westerly D140 because of the neck width. Granted, it was too deep for my hand as well, so neck shape matters too. rb
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    D 140

    Thanks Br1ck…I’d be very open to an older Guild as you suggested. I don’t think I’d buy one unless I could play it to get a sense of the sound. If priced right a neck fix would be ok as well. I‘m keeping my eyes open, just not too many around my area, it seems. I did find an older D30 (had...
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    D 140

    I purchased one about eight weeks ago. The build quality was excellent, tone was very good (needs opening up) and the neck playability was good after dressing the nut slots a bit. However, I had to part with it because the combination of nut width and neck profile (somewhat chunky) irritated...