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  1. Opsimath

    Justin Johnson - When the Levee Breaks

    What are those two things behind him that say "Marshall" and wouldn't something that big be overkill for the living room?
  2. Opsimath

    Old cartoons

    Did anyone else want Sylvester to eat Tweety?
  3. Opsimath

    What wood is that?

    I just watched a furniture guy do a guitar restoration on an old 7 string. I think they said it was German made? The back and sides are astounding. What kind of wood is that? Anyone have a clue how old the guitar might be? Back wood at about 10:00, manufacturer stamp at 10:10. Thank you.
  4. Opsimath

    Check your EpiPen expiration date!

    My stepson has anaphylactic reaction to insect bites and stings, bad enough that he carries an EpiPen. Recently he was stung on the back of the neck and used the EpiPen, but it was past the expiration date. By the time he got to urgent care he was covered in hives and his throat was closing...
  5. Opsimath

    What do you do with your old strings?

    For all you string changers out there, do you do anything with your old strings? I looked at guitar string jewelry pictures, made from used guitar strings. Some of it is quite remarkable. Some of it is even quite pricey. I don't know what other uses creative people have come up with but...
  6. Opsimath

    The One That Got Away

    First of all this is not about a Guild, but please don't fault me for that. The story begins only a handful of months into guitar lessons. I had picked up a few guitars and certainly had more than someone just starting out neded to have but for whatever reason I always visited the acoustic...
  7. Opsimath

    It's frightening that this warning is even necessary

    On the news this evening they were talking about the gas shortage and said, "We would like to remind people not to put gasoline in plastic bags." Can you believe that they even have to say that?!!!
  8. Opsimath

    Like cars and trucks?

    Need another internet time user? (I hesitate to say "waster".) I have recently been considering fixing the Bronco versus getting another one and in looking around the internet found a site with gorgeous vehicles! There's a Bronco in Ft. Worth that makes my knees weak, but, alas does not fit...
  9. Opsimath

    Virtual Chili Cookoff

    I just visited last year's chili cookoff thread and noted that it was in April 2020, so maybe time for another round. This time, though, all chili recipes are welcome regardless of the kind of meat used, meatless, with beans, or beanless.
  10. Opsimath

    5D Chess Game with Multiverse Time Travel

    Okay, my son tells me about a 5D Chess game, then we watch a video of it being played. I can barely compose this message because my brain has melted, fried, fused, maybe all of the above. But I am not a chess player. For those of you who are and who also love a challenge I present this...
  11. Opsimath


    Is Silver Membership new, or did I just wake up and smell the coffee?
  12. Opsimath

    Real life funnies

    Remember Readers Digest and the funny stories people used to send in? With the fabulous senses of humor that the members here have I'll bet there are some side splitters just waiting to be told. So whatcha got for funnies?
  13. Opsimath

    What's in your music player?

    Be it CD, cassette, LP or whatever, what have you been listening to of late? My CD player only holds 3. I load it and listen until I feel like changing 1 or more for something else. This is what's in there now: American Pie - Don McLean. The CD has 2 songs at the end which were not on the...
  14. Opsimath

    Do you know jack(fruit)?

    I've never had it, but heard via iternet videos they inspired the flavor of Juicy Fruit gum. Also via videos, really messy to get into. I was entertaining the thought of trying to grow a tree. Oddly enough a few months ago they began to show up in the local grocery store, a buck something a...
  15. Opsimath

    How do I fix it when ...

    ... I'm using a touchscreen, scrolling down a thread and my thumb hits "reply" and then I have a reply box with an entire quote. How do I make that go away? I've been deleting the text but the box still sits there waiting for words. Is there a cancel button I haven't found yet?
  16. Opsimath

    It's planting season!

    Well, it is here anyway. Husband planted the Silver Queen sweet corn, lots of it, done with the tractor last weekend. By hand we have Kennebec white potatoes and red potatoes (not sure what kind) in the ground, about 100 feet of each. I have yellow onion sets to put out, hopefully this...
  17. Opsimath

    Peeling boiled eggs - does this work?

    I know, mundane topic, but it's the little things in life that can bring joy or cause frustration, right? If you have ever been annoyed by boiled eggs that cling to the shell when trying to peel them may I solicit you in an experiment, of sorts? When I get in from the barn every day at...
  18. Opsimath

    Favorite toys as a kid

    To go along with all the recent threads taking us down memory lane, what were your favorite toys or things to play with when you were a kid? I had the usual bicycle and roller skates (all metal wheel skates, absolutely no rubber coating, and needed a key to latch them onto the sneakers), but...
  19. Opsimath

    Does anyone remember ...

    ... Black Oak Arkansas? I recall having what I think was their first "album" in the 70's. I think it was actually on 8 track. I recall liking it but don't really remember much of what was on it. I believe Dancing in the Streets was on it, and maybe See You in September.
  20. Opsimath

    Mississippi pot roast variation

    The beef pot roast turned out so good that I wanted to try the recipe with pork. I used pork gravy mix which before I didn't even know was a thing. There were only 2 large peppers left in the jar so I sliced them and used the juice. It was a 6 pound roast and just did fit into the cast iron...