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    D40 Traditional in the house

    After months and months waiting, my local small shop got a new D40 Traditional in last week. I was out of town so had to wait until today to check it out. Well, I was completely blown away by the tone of this guitar. Even brand new, the tone is full and rich And extremely articulate for a...
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    D-140 neck joint design?

    Can anyone tell me what neck joint design is used on the Westerly series, D-140? I just got one and plan to do an in depth review soon, but am wondering if a classic dovetail joint is used on these models. I checked the Guild website, but didn’t find any reference to this question. thanks in...
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    Who here plays a newer D-140?

    I’ve seen a number of videos featuring the D-140 and was wondering what the consensus is on the tone of these imports. I know they’re all solid wood, but interested in hearing from those who have first hand experience. Wondering if the poly finish chokes the sound somewhat. thanks for any...
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    FS FS Beard Gold Tone round neck

    this is a like new guitar. Great sound and action. These have USA Beard cones and apiders and sound huge. Prefer SE Michigan pick up, but would discuss shipping. $700. thanks for looking. rb
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    Any love for the new D20?

    Interested if any of the forum members have one of the all mahogany dreadnoughts. What is the general consensus on this model? thanks
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    2007 Tacoma F30-Adi or Sitka?

    Just picked up a beautiful 07 Tacoma built F30. Ice tea burst in mint condition. The seller said it was an Adi top, and not questioning him, but it sure looks like Sitka. It is fine grained with some cross silking. Were all Tacomas of that vintage made with Adi tops? Also wondering about the...
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    Tacoma F30 opinions

    I'm not familiar with Guilds built in Tacoma. What is the consensus on these.... Specifically an F30. What would one expect to pay for one built in 2007 and in good condition? Thanks for any input you may offer. Rb
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    Mark III magic

    I brought a Mark lll today..had never heard this model before. I am a steel string player,but could not resist the tone Of this instrument. It is pretty beat up, but the price reflected that,so home it came. Whats the scoop on these? This one is dated late 60s to early 70s as close as I can...
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    Beautiful Larrivee OMV-09 for sale SOLD

    As hard as I try, I am just not a rosewood guy. At 61, and after numerous attempts, I guess I've finally given in to the fact. I will stick with my mahogany guitars. Anyway, I'm selling a stunning Larrivee OMV-09 in near mint condition. The sound is very big and open with the rosewood chime and...
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    Michael Kelly Mandolin FS -SOLD-

    I have a beautiful MK F style mando for sale. (Model L Solid) It is tobacco sunburst, all solid woods, very nicely made and sounds great. This is a good starter/mid-level instrument from every aspect. I have had it for about two years, and it is in excellent shape (with only a couple of...