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  1. Brad Little

    NGD - D40 Hoboken label 1967

    IIRC, Hoboken label was used during the early transition to Westerly, soon replaced by Made In USA. I think 1975 is a little late for a guitar to still have the Hoboken label, but stranger things have happened with Guild.
  2. Brad Little

    Some of the favorite Vinyl we still own...

    I have several thousand LPs, result of 20 years in record retailing. Most are still in original jackets, although an unexpected water problem damaged a dozen or so. The LPs themselves are fine, just cleaned them and played them to check. how they sounded and tracked.
  3. Brad Little

    New Hartford era

    Yep, I've got two and, like the OP, like having nice guitars from my home state. Wouldn't hesitate to buy another one.
  4. Brad Little

    12-string headstock variation

    I think lens distortion rather than perspective. It would be interesting to take the same two pictures with an SLR with a standard lens (usually 50mm) and see if they look the same. I may give it a try later.
  5. Brad Little

    Needs more knobs

    Maybe designed for Quadrophenia?
  6. Brad Little

    Happy Birthday Default!

    Steve, enjoy your birthday!
  7. Brad Little


    Some of you may have heard of him, I think he's involved in making pretty good guitars:
  8. Brad Little

    Artist Award acoustic tone

    I don't have much to compare mine with, but, like GAD, I really like its acoustic sound. I can only hope it gets even a little better after I have it set up properly, right now the bridge footing is not sitting snugly, so probably not all the acoustic property is being transferred to the top...
  9. Brad Little

    Reverb Seller Hasn’t Shipped - UPDATE: Resolved! (F212 Content)

    I had a D-12 20 for a while (it was stolen from my sons apartment), and the F-212 was all over it, soundwise., at least to my ears.
  10. Brad Little

    Mystery electric guitar - need help

    Might have better luck at IDing it over on the jazz list, lots of archtop knowledge there:
  11. Brad Little

    F47 Case Malfunction

    I don't know if such a trade still exists, but in years past people have suggested a luggage shop, they might have a repairman who could do the work.
  12. Brad Little

    F47 Case Malfunction

    I've always been under the impression that the lock was just an added protection to prevent accidental opening in some situations. I guess to keep prying hands away is another reason for a key. I've never locked any of my cases.
  13. Brad Little

    Thanks, probably have a take-out lunch for a change of pace from stay at home...

    Thanks, probably have a take-out lunch for a change of pace from stay at home...
  14. Brad Little

    Canada Day

  15. Brad Little

    New Strings For F50R

    I've used bothe EJ-16 and EJ-17 on my F-50 blond for years, and the 12 string version on my F-512 (RW). Tried others over the years, always came back to these.
  16. Brad Little

    Best electric pickup system for Guild F512 - factory original went bad...

    Interesting, I would think that a factory installed pickup in a 2006 F-512 would have been the Dtar Load and Lock. Does this look like your jack? If so it unscrews and the batteries go in through the opening.
  17. Brad Little

    I want a chainsaw

    We've got a small battery operated chainsaw, 10" blade, that my daughter has been using around the yard. This is an old saw, probably 15 or more years old, so there are newer and more powerful ones available. This will work on heavy brush and trees up to about 3" around. Here's a video of a...
  18. Brad Little

    Blingless wonder

    Sorta like this?
  19. Brad Little

    New Gig Bag

    The Mono looks good, if I needed one for anything other than home storage, they look like a good alternative to a hard case. At almost 8 lbs, though not a lot of weight difference.
  20. Brad Little

    New Gig Bag

    Just received a Guild Premium GIg Bag for my F-50, and it's the best gig bag I've run across. Of course, that's limited to the 3 or 4 I've owned and a handful that others have had. It's well padded, softly lined and has a Guild G-shield logo. Now, let's see how the guitar fits. So far, I'd...