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  1. walrus

    Doyle Dykes Playing a Guild F 46

    Ralf, the still from that video seems to have four Guilds in it! In the bottom right, it's hard to tell but maybe even five! walrus
  2. walrus

    Song Title Thread Part Two

    "Ring-A-Ding-Ding" - Frank Sinatra walrus
  3. walrus

    Nightbird Deluxe Review

    Tremendous as usual! walrus
  4. walrus

    Talking about Foxey Lady pedals...

    That was a blast! And the fact that he's outside just blows my mind! walrus
  5. walrus

    Song Title Thread Part Two

    "One Less Bell to Answer" - 5th Dimension walrus
  6. walrus

    Happy 94th Birthday, Tony Bennett!

    And believe it or not, here he is at home a few months ago, doing "Fly Me to the Moon": walrus
  7. walrus

    Anybody able to Identify this model?

    Beautiful photos and guitars, Blake! walrus
  8. walrus

    Wilford Brimley Dies at 85

    He was great in "The China Syndrome". And here he is on Seinfeld when Kramer attempts to stop getting mail: walrus
  9. walrus

    Time for some guitarist jokes...

    How about this idea, kids? PRACTICE! walrus
  10. walrus

    Song Title Thread Part Two

    "She's Gone" - Hall and Oates walrus
  11. walrus


    What are the odds the owner of an S400 lives 10 minutes away from you? That is crazy! walrus
  12. walrus

    Favorite "One One Hit Wonder"?

    "Sex and Candy" - Marcy Playground walrus
  13. walrus


    Beautiful! Congratulations! walrus
  14. walrus

    Elvis with a F50. Burst too. Guild Guitar FB page...

    Nice, Ralf! Richard, here's a guy selling a cool photo of the Texas show...
  15. walrus

    Guild M65 - Unique Serial Number?

    Love it! Based on the "Guild Dating" info, it's a 1959. 8300 is the last number for 1958, 12035 is the last number for 1959. walrus
  16. walrus

    Song Title Thread Part Two

    "Take Five" - Dave Brubeck walrus
  17. walrus

    Why does my fretboard look like this?

    +1 on the wood not being ebony, but covered with some kind of dye. I've had an ebony board, wore divots on it, and it's black throughout .. walrus
  18. walrus

    Bill Frisell Trio playing outside last week

    "What the World Needs Now" walrus
  19. walrus

    Song Title Thread Part Two

    "Every Little Thing" - The Beatles walrus