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  1. adorshki

    Maybe it oughta be Monday the 13th

    On this day in history, April 13th 1970, a MONDAY, the crew of Apollo 13 got a nasty surprise: But hey nobody really believes in superstitions, right?
  2. adorshki

    Happy Birthday Sergei

    Rachmaninoff, that is. First heard it was his birthday on the local jazz station last year, thought it was appropriate one of my heroes (see my sig) was born on April 1st. Why Rachmaninoff you may ask? This: You ELP/King Crimson/Rick Wakeman/Jon...
  3. adorshki

    Adios Muchachos

    Well in the rapidly changing social environment here in sunny Californy, my employer has elected to close the front office and ordered all clerical/marketing employees to work from home. As my close friends here know I don't actually even have a computer at home much less internet so that's...
  4. adorshki

    Anybody Ever Heard of This Before?

    For the sake of forum decorum I'm not gonna cite the source but I just saw it in a Reverb listing: "...replacing the pickguard is an easy fix for your local luthier, and does not cost much. Pick guards also tend to shrink over time, so it is a good thing for your guitar to have a replacement...
  5. adorshki

    Stranger Than Truth

    This just in: Musician Plays Her Violin During Brain Surgery (yeah that's a link) No, really: So apparently you can get your brain functions mapped via MRI, but when I called a local outfit to look into it, they wanted me to sign an accidental damage waiver. In case I broke their machine...
  6. adorshki

    The "What Were They Thinking?" Thread

    For years one of my pet peeves has been dysfunctional design, things like LCD displays in cars which are obscured by sunlight, something one could reasonably expect to be find in a car, more or less frequently, or how about the ever-decreasing angle of deflection of windshields in the name of...
  7. adorshki

    THIS just in

    When I was a kid visiting in Evergreen Colorado late one fall, a couple of the local kids warned me to watch out for falling pine cones. Seriously, some of those suckers were as big as soccer balls and could do some damage. Florida's got a different problem: 'Falling iguana' alert issued in...
  8. adorshki

    Att'n GAD: Lavaburst sighting

  9. adorshki

    Am I the only one...

    Who finds the new Celebrity Cruises commercial more than a little creepy if not downright antithetical to the message of the original tune?
  10. adorshki

    The High-Heeled Boy has left the building

    Michael J Pollard, the inspiration for the title of the immortal Traffic tune, has passed on at 80. From the Wiki page: "The title refers to an inscription written by the late actor Michael J. Pollard in Jim Capaldi's book while they were both in Morocco.[1] Capaldi and Pollard were planning...
  11. adorshki

    Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac on Playboy After Dark

    WARNING: No Nudity (this was broadcast television in 1970), but compensated by the presence of Don Adams (Get Smart), Artie Johnson (Laugh-In) and future Mrs. Hugh Hefner Barbie Benton. :smile: And of course the original Fleetwood Mac in their 3-guitar configuration. (Original 2nd guitar Jeremy...
  12. adorshki

    It's Hally's Birthday

    The neckblock stamp on my D25 is Oct 31 96. She's got a couple of dents and dings but no cracks, and a spot under the fretboard extension where the lacquer's been rubbed away. I drop fill it once in awhile with Sally Hansen's Clear nail polish. Her finish is literally the color of light honey...
  13. adorshki

    Free advertising

    I guess even baseball fans get an occasional break in the monotony: "MLB bans women who flashed their chests behind home plate during Game 5 of World Series" Apparently it was not so much the wardrobe malfunction itself as the crass and venal promotion of a business that gave offense: "MLB...
  14. adorshki

    Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

    Some folks suffer from strange compulsions, like the shoplifting compulsion or the compulsion to eat dirt. At least one's just gotta try to take airplane rides without buying a ticket: 'Serial Stowaway' Marilyn Hartman Held Without Bail After Latest Arrest At O’Hare (yeah that's a link) What...
  15. adorshki

    Duane Eddy "Ghost Riders In the Sky" with Guild

    This popped up while looking for the Highwaymen's version for another thread, got a suspicion he's playing a DE-500 reissue from the '80's that Hans mentioned a while back:
  16. adorshki

    HOW Do You View the Forum?

    Mobile device or "desktop"? Why I ask: Over the last couple of years in particular I've seen more comments about the limitations of using mobile devises to view and post here. Being absolutely clueless about mobile interfaces I've only gradually put 2 and 2 together that it may be problematic...
  17. adorshki

    Why we don't have more jazz player members

    Was looking for something else as usual when I found this place: and stumbled across this quote from somebody who was referred to our forum: "Thanks, I briefly perused that site but am scared of the GAS it...
  18. adorshki

    The one song we'd all like to hear again before we die

    "Happy Birthday to You"
  19. adorshki

    Dysfunctional Design

    Longtime members and active posters may recall one of my favorite pet peeve topics, dysfunctional design, like car windshields canted so far back in the quest for optimum drag co-efficient that they become dashboard reflectors, thus interfering with what I'd consider to be a higher priority of...
  20. adorshki

    Easy Rider has left the building

    'nother man done gone... "The Trip": And the inspiration for John Lennon's "She Said She Said":