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  1. Brad Little


    Some of you may have heard of him, I think he's involved in making pretty good guitars:
  2. Brad Little

    Canada Day

  3. Brad Little

    New Gig Bag

    Just received a Guild Premium GIg Bag for my F-50, and it's the best gig bag I've run across. Of course, that's limited to the 3 or 4 I've owned and a handful that others have had. It's well padded, softly lined and has a Guild G-shield logo. Now, let's see how the guitar fits. So far, I'd...
  4. Brad Little

    New Camera Day

    New Camera Day! Back in the Stone Age, I was a fairly serious amateur photographer, had a decent B&W darkroom (now in a storage closet), but when digital came along, I was slow to get on the bandwagon, though my wife and daughter have had DSLRs for years. I opted for a canon point and shoot...
  5. Brad Little

    Music Emporium

    Flip side (and coast) to McCabes. This was posted on the Music Emporium's FB page. I've been meaning to get up there for years, never have, but maybe soon, >Dear Friends, Thank you for your support and patience over the last two months. Because of your passion for making music, your love of...
  6. Brad Little

    McCabes FUture?

    Great story about McCabes Guitar shop in today's LA Times:
  7. Brad Little

    New Peg Winder

    For years I've been using a peg winder attachment for a power screwdriver or drill, I think it was from D'Addario, but not sure. While changing strings last week, the screwdriver fell off my bench and the plastic shaft broke, right at the end of the collet, so time for a replacement. Found one I...
  8. Brad Little

    Happy VIctoria Day!

    To all our Canadian LTGers, Happy Victoria Day!
  9. Brad Little

    Amazon substitution

    I ordered a Planet Waves 5' guitar cord from Amazon because all my cords were much longer and I wanted one that was out of the way for practicing at home. Apparently they were out of stock, so what did they do? They sent me a 10' D'Addario Circuit Breaker cable instead. A bargain if I wanted it...
  10. Brad Little

    Orpheum String Chang

    Just changed strings on my Orpheum, a few observations. It's definitely more difficult than on a spade head, and even more than on a classical. Once I get use to it should get easier. Not sure I like the D'Addario EJ-16 I've used on other guitars, but I'll give them a good try before trying...
  11. Brad Little

    String change,Thomastic chrome steel flatwound classical strings

    Just changed strings on my Godin ACS nylon, trying a new set from Thomastik, e and b are nylon, g through E are chrome steel flat wound with a nylon core. A little harder to fasten on the bridge than conventional classical strings, but anxious to see how they sound. Seem to have more tension...
  12. Brad Little

    ANZAC Day

    To all our Aussie and Kiwi members, wishing you all well on ANZAC Day. Not sure how the Int'l date line works, so I may be a day late or early.
  13. Brad Little

    New Micrometer

    If you're like me and have several guitars, you may not remember what gauge strings are on each guitar. Also, when acquiring a used guitar, you might need to find what's on it. I try to remember to put something from the string package in the case compartment, but with the environmentally...
  14. Brad Little

    New Hartford Custom shop

    I was reading an old thread about Orpheums on the AG forum, originally it was about the old Orpheums, but morphed to the Guilds. One poster was wondering about the use of the term Custom Shop for them, so I'm wondering how much of the work on the Orphs was custom. I don't remember much about...
  15. Brad Little

    Medical Care in the age of Covid-19

    As some of you know, I have numerous medical conditions that require regular visits to medical facilities. So, with several upcoming appointments, I was interested in how they would be dealt with. Bear in mind, even though CTs governor has been on top of the pandemic for a while, we have, last I...
  16. Brad Little

    RIP: Bucky Pizzarelli
  17. Brad Little

    Heritage suing Gibson

    I know we have some Gibson owners on here, and maybe some Heritage owners as well, so here it is, H vs. G in court...
  18. Brad Little

    One step beyond mediocre guitar player magazine

    In case you're stuck and bored at home because of the corona virus isolation, here's a video that will take up about ten minutes of your boredom. go
  19. Brad Little

    Birth of the Cool

    Scheduled for tonight (02/25/20) on CPTV and WNET, 9 PM. Hopefully they aren't carrying the debate and pre-empting this. Check local listing for American Masters on PBS.
  20. Brad Little

    Best Q & A in a while

    From an Amazon inquiry about a Makita circular saw: Question: Magnesium is flammable. It scares me that this circular saw is made of a flammable material. Has this circular saw caught fire on anyone? Answer: Solid magnesium ignites at around 950°F. If the temperature in the vicinity of your...