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  1. gjmalcyon

    XPN's Memorial Day 100 Greatest Songs Playback

    Starting at 9 am on Memorial Day, Philly's WXPN will broadcast the top 100 songs from their 2014 "885 Greatest Songs of All Time" list. It was a hoot when it was first broadcast with plenty of "THAT song??? No way!" to "Oh man, I've haven't heard THAT in years..." moments. The list is here.
  2. gjmalcyon

    Robo Guitar Tuner

    This showed up in a Kickstarter email this morning: A guitar tuner that turns the tuning pegs.
  3. gjmalcyon

    Like Swapping Pickups?

    This was in my New Atlas email this morning: A guitar that supports pop-in modules: Details here on the New Atlas site:
  4. gjmalcyon

    Programmable Optical Guitar Pickup

    This showed up in my New Atlas feed today: An optical humbucker-size electric guitar pickup programmable via a smartphone app. Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign.
  5. gjmalcyon

    Adam Schlesinger Gone.

    This one hurts. Adam Schlesinger, co-founder of Fountains of Wayne, died today from COVID-19 at the age of 52. I first encountered his music in the wonderful Tom Hanks movie, That Thing You Do! Those infectious original pop songs were his compositions. Here’s the title track. We (the entire...
  6. gjmalcyon

    McCoy Tyner is Gone

    One of the giants of jazz piano, McCoy Tyner, passed away yesterday at his home in New Jersey - he was 81. His style was instantly recognizable, with a mighty left hand driving the melody forward. His work with fellow Philly native John Coltrane in the early '60's was some of the most important...
  7. gjmalcyon

    Why Don't All Music Stores Do This?

    One of my co-workers forwarded this to me. I think all music stores should offer this service:
  8. gjmalcyon

    Another Python Gone

    Terry Jones, one of the Monty Pythons, passed away from a form of dementia. A few of his more well-known bits here:
  9. gjmalcyon

    RIP Neil Innes

    Neil Innes (Monty Python, Bonzo Dog Band, The Rutles) is no more. One of my favorite things of his:
  10. gjmalcyon

    Woodstock ... All of It ... On The Radio

    And if the Rhino box set mentioned in this thread is too rich for you, our friends at WXPN are recreating - via a minute-by-minute broadcast of the Rhino box set - Woodstock as it happened. See this link for the lineup and times. The fun starts with Guild's good friend Richie Havens at 5:07...
  11. gjmalcyon

    Woodstock ... All Of It

    Rhino records is about to release a 38-CD set of music from Woodstock. That's 432 Tracks - 267 previously unreleased - 36 hours of music. All Songs Considered Bob Boilen interviewed Andy Zax about his remixing and producing this monster compilation. The clips played on All Songs Considered...
  12. gjmalcyon

    5 Hours of Music from 1971

    This Saturday (07/20) Philly's WXPN features 5 hours of music from 1971 in their ongoing 50/50 (50 Years of Music in 50 Weeks) programming. Available over the air and via online streaming. That year the Monkees broke up and Big Star formed. Allman Brothers released Live at the Fillmore East...
  13. gjmalcyon

    Jeff Austin, Founding Member Yonder Mountain String Band, Gone at 45

    Jeff Austin, co-founder of Yonder Mountain String Band died yesterday in Seattle at the age of 45. I came late to the idea of progressive bluegrass, newgrass, etc., but found I really enjoyed it. I picked up 4 of Yonder Mountain's live albums (the "Mountain Tracks" releases), saw Love Canon a...
  14. gjmalcyon

    Dr. John is Gone

    Mac Rebbenack, known everywhere as Dr. John, passed away earlier today. Wherever he is now, the party is started.
  15. gjmalcyon

    Tim Conway Has Passed On

    Tim Conway died this morning in L.A. Used to love watching the Carol Burnett Show just to see how bad he was going to wreck Harvey Korman. Like this:
  16. gjmalcyon

    Peak Capo

    Two days in a row for New Atlas guitar content: This time it is the Single String Capo Guitar by John Gillis. Slots for single-string capos are machined into the neck for every string at every fret position up to 9th or 12th fret depending on the guitar. Currently the subject of a Kickstarter...
  17. gjmalcyon

    Yamaha Parlor Acoustic With Built-In Chorus and Reverb

    This article about Yamaha's CSF-TA acoustic guitar with built-in reverb and chorus was in my New Atlas newsfeed today. It has a built-in mechanical actuator that vibrates the back of the guitar, producing chorus and reverb effects without an amp or other external device (does require batteries)...
  18. gjmalcyon

    Echo in the Canyon - Revisiting Laurel Canon Friday, 04/26 at Noon

    Friday, 04/26 WXPN features Echo in the Canyon for their Free at Noon concert. Jakob Dylan, Cat Power, Jade revisit the music of the '60's in Laurel Canyon. Streaming at Trailer for the film is here:
  19. gjmalcyon

    Pete Townshend-Proof Guitar

    Sandvik has created what they are calling the smash-proof guitar. Yngwie Malmsteen tried his best to demolish it and failed. I think Mr. Townshend deserves a shot.
  20. gjmalcyon

    5 Hours of Music from 1970

    This Saturday WXPN features 5 hours of music from 1970 in their 50/50 program of 50 years of music in 50 weeks. This week DJ'd by long-time former World Cafe host and beloved Philly DJ, David Dye. Hell of a year in music: 4,000 albums and 5,700 singles were released in the US. End of The...