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  1. fronobulax

    Mary Halvorson's non-Guild

    Starting here in another thread there is some discussion of Mary Halvorson who has been discussed and is known for playing an Artist Award. This picture is interesting. It's not a Guild. Any chance that it is the instrument described below? (In Lisbon, Halvorson played a travel model made...
  2. fronobulax

    CITES and specs

    I was poking around the Guild website and saw two comments that were new to me although they might be a couple years old by now. First the website has an asterisk on specs that says "*This is a running spec change to comply with CITES regulations. " This seems to me to provide notice that...
  3. fronobulax

    Newark Street Jetstar being discontinued?

    See here. Obviously dealing with the European market. "While stocks last that is, because once they’re gone, that’s it. " Could mean that's it for Europe or could mean that's it, period.
  4. fronobulax

    Predictable but don't recall hearing it exactly like this before

    What's the difference between a guitarist and a 16" pizza? The pizza can feed a family of four.
  5. fronobulax

    JS Floating Pickup

    Image from See the section on pickups for electrics. What is a JS floating pickup?
  6. fronobulax

    Sheryl Crow article with some Guild Content

    Over at This is a PSA. I will close this just to see if any of the Bass Folks will leave their Comfort Zone and visit other parts of the forum :-)
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    What band do you hate the most?

    I deleted the thread because of personal attacks, offensive language and generally obnoxious behavior. I think the perpetrators already know who they are because they pretty much said so. I will consider undeleting it after consultation with other Moderators. In the meantime, perhaps we...
  8. fronobulax

    Standard vs Traditional

    Making a parallel to cars, Standard and Traditional described two different trim lines for the same guitar model. The terms were used by New Hartford and it seems like Oxnard is also using them now. 1) Are there any other times in Guild's history when the terms were used in a similar...
  9. fronobulax

    Non-Bisonic bass pickups used by Guild prior to 1971

    Inspired by, and personal correspondence with mavuser who often has pictures to correct my memory. I am starting this to collect...
  10. fronobulax

    Matched Back

  11. fronobulax

    NSD (Take 2)

    New Strap Day. Not my strap, but since I hosted the pics for the OP, I thought I'd put them out there again because it is a nice strap.
  12. fronobulax

    Scandinavian Humor?

    I note that a few minutes with Google suggest the translations into English might not be the best ones but...
  13. fronobulax

    Before there was Woodstock...

    The Atlantic City Pop Festival was about two weeks before (the original) Woodstock and featured many of the same acts. Article at I saw it posted on Facebook by our...
  14. fronobulax

    Wanna buy a hat made from a stoned animal?

    What Your Favorite Classic Rock Band Says About You and The more I read the harder it was not to laugh...
  15. fronobulax

    Where are Newark Street Guilds made?

    Ralf answered the question here, but the information is too useful to forget. Please consider NOT veering in this thread.
  16. fronobulax

    Jack Casady Interview Not a lot about equipment but a lot of interesting thoughts on music. Guild content The opening image has a Frankenguild. As I remember the story Leo Quan (Bad A$$ Bridges) took the neck from a JetStar, Bisonics from Jack's stash and added them to the...
  17. fronobulax

    Mark Dronge Interviews

    Not sure who (DR, Guild, Facebook?) is doing what but some interviews with Mark Dronge about his days at Guild are popping up on Facebook, posted by Guild. This one talks about giving John Lennon a Starfire XII.
  18. fronobulax


    I see a lot of questions and comments from new/less frequent contributors that are based on an assumption that Guild specs and the associated model numbers were pretty consistent across the years. We know that is not true but it makes me wonder - are other manufacturers consistent? If I am...
  19. fronobulax

    Mediocre Guitar Player Magazine

    A cover for Mediocre Guitar Player magazine often makes the rounds on Facebook. I saw the latest one (below) and thought the pickguard shape was distinctive. So I started poking around and found another cover. Turns out Antsy McClain is a real professional musician with a sense of humor...
  20. fronobulax

    Guild in the wild

    A friend with roots in the Buffalo NY area posted this because of the local interest. But what caught my eye was the lead picture.