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  1. ezstrummer


    WOW! That is a beauty…
  2. ezstrummer

    On the fence - 1979 Guild D-50 or Eastman E20D-TC

    I have a 79 G-37 and I would keep it over the Eastman any day.....
  3. ezstrummer

    1968 Guild F212

    That is awesome. Thanks for the videos.
  4. ezstrummer

    Anyone see the comet?

    Yes.. through binoculars you could see the tail very well......
  5. ezstrummer

    Favorite easy-to-learn acoustic songs...

    Same, my hand just automatically goes to a bar chord F....
  6. ezstrummer

    Am I the minority these days????? Cutaway vs. Non Cutaway

    Same.... No need for a cutaway here..
  7. ezstrummer

    1990 JF30-12 String Trials

    I use the EXP 38 10-47 on my 12 string.
  8. ezstrummer

    New Guild Day

    WOW! a lot of bling on that one... Beautiful.
  9. ezstrummer

    A true surf guitar

    Pete could have really used one of these...
  10. ezstrummer

    Blingless wonder

  11. ezstrummer

    Blingless wonder

    Not a lot of bling on my 79' but one of my favorite guitars..
  12. ezstrummer

    Guild aesthetics

    I love Martin guitars as much as the next guy, but I always thought they are pretty plain looking for the most part...
  13. ezstrummer

    Maple Jumbo 12 and Rosewood Jumbo 12

    WOW, they both look like great guitars.
  14. ezstrummer

    Madeira A12 Japan 12 string

    This was 499 new.
  15. ezstrummer

    And so it begins.....F-50R repair/resurrection.

    Cant wait to see the finished product.
  16. ezstrummer

    D35 question

    Agreed... asking price way too high...
  17. ezstrummer

    And so it begins.....F-50R repair/resurrection.

    This is great work. More pics please....
  18. ezstrummer

    Soon to be New Guild Owner!

    Guild 12's are the best. Congrats.