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  1. Antney

    Why does my fretboard look like this?

    Am I playing so fast that I’ve scorched the ebony?
  2. Antney

    What’s with the ads?

    Is this something new or did I just not notice them before?
  3. Antney

    Summer Invaders

    Awful enough that my wife and I have been secluded for 3 1/2 months due to the virus. Now that summer has arrived we’re able to head to the beaches and find a secluded spot where we can take our masks off and breathe and go for a quiet swim. But alas the waters off our southern Massachusetts...
  4. Antney

    Blingless wonder

    D50’s are such tastefully designed, beautiful guitars. If I could I would remove the Chesterfield logo and MOP inlay on the headstock and replace it with a simple decal, replace the gold tuners with nickel tuners, and remove the horsey pick guard. But that’s just me.
  5. Antney

    80/20s vs PBs on Rosewood

    Does anyone have any comparisons of using lights 80/20s vs PBs on a rosewood dread? I use exclusively elixir nanoweb pbs, sound great finger or flat picking, but if the strumming gets faster or heavier the mids and bass can muddy up a bit. I read somewhere 80/20s can sometimes be a better fit...
  6. Antney

    Go boys go...

  7. Antney

    Advertising Tag lines

    So, imagine you’re beginning the process to buy a new many brands to choose from. Let’s say you have to make your choice based on the maker’s tag line on their advertisement in Acoustic Guitar Magazine...what brand would you choose: (These are in order as they appear in the...
  8. Antney


    This lockdown has given me ample opportunity to reminisce about my musical journey. I was born in 1959, and can vividly remember the night my older brother came into our shared bedroom and woke me up at 11pm saying “you gotta hear this”. He put on the record player his fresh pressing of Meet...
  9. Antney

    tone thief

    the axe has been a bit dull these days...peeked inside and found this little bastard hiding in the lower bout. yanked his ass out of there and voila...the tone has returned.
  10. Antney

    Vuoto Venezia

    If you’ve ever been there you’ll understand how upside down this mid afternoon image is
  11. Antney

    Recording thoughts during virus isolation

    first I must say this board and it’s wonderful members have been a welcomed distraction during this bad movie we’re all living in...I hope everyone stays safe until this passes. the down time has given me opportunity to record and refine some of my music. I need to keep things simple, so I’m...
  12. Antney

    In times like these...

    ...ain’t it nice to have an acoustic guitar?
  13. Antney


    some might find this site intriguing...I do
  14. Antney

    SXSW cancelled

  15. Antney

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    I’m helping my son drive his car from Boston to Chicago. We’ll make a two day drive of it....about 15 hours total. I’m thinking about driving the first leg to Cleveland, and seeing the HOF. Anyone been there? Your impressions? How long of a stop would we need? Any other suggestions along...
  16. Antney

    your best joke of the year

    here's mine: a man attends the funeral of a long time friend. he approaches the dead man's wife and asks if he could say a word. the wife replies "please,of course". the man stands up, clears his throat, and the attendees become silent and turn to him. "plethora" he says. the decease's...
  17. Antney

    Acoustic guitarist gift ideas

    I’m looking for any ideas you may have for a musician who’s just bought his first acoustic guitar. My son is a professional bass player who has many high end basses and a few vintage electric guitars. He recently bought his first acoustic (all mahogany Martin). Any interesting thoughts on...
  18. Antney

    Duct tape, hot melt glue, rubber bands and walt disney

    I'm working on a project at my house, and plumbing parts won't be in for a few days, so to hold us over until they arrive i mickey moused the thing together. my wife asks "why mickey mouse...why didn't you donald duck it together?" good question. does anyone know why we mickey mouse...
  19. Antney

    The pick considered

    The thread I started about Sex Wax and Wig glue veered terribly into a discussion about picks. Guildedagain's comments got me to thinking about our little friend, the pick. He's something we all use, some of us obsess over him, others give him little thought. A few have no use for him. We...
  20. Antney

    Sex Wax and Wig Glue

    Anyone use either of these, or anything else to help keep the plectrums in place?