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  1. beecee

    How I lost 1,000 lbs.

    Made mention of my plans a while back. Well, finally got all wired in and going. Switched from 8 x 6 volt 325 amp lead batteries to 4 x 1kwh Chevy Volt batteries. The new batteries weigh less than 25 lbs. each, used much smaller cable and have slightly more storage than the former 15 kwh...
  2. beecee

    NGD- Guild F-20

    Well.. Like everyone warned me....RichardP69 under-promised and over delivered. Just got it sent to office and couldn't wait to rip the stout packing apart...Thanks for the 2 $10 bills btw... Very nicely packed, really like the brown Guild HSC. A few sets of strings sent along for good...
  3. beecee

    Have we been hacked?

    Got an email from someone claiming to be a member here asking about a guitar we discussed a few months ago. Same email address as gent who I corresponded with back then. Responded back, then they said it was for a third party. I pinged the member to confirm, (who is online now), and he said...
  4. beecee

    Almost NGD..non Guild

    So I took a flyer on a new/returned Martin OM-28e. Surprised that the msrp on them is higher than the D-28! Had a center seam crack, 2019 model. Came in 2 business days, everything cool. Crack did not look bad and was sure it would heal w.some proper humidity. Tuned it up, played a nice...
  5. beecee

    Now this is purdy

    I'm looking at a guitar w/a measurable crack from bridge to bottom of guitar and seller thought it may have been dropped on end pin...but there is no evidence of any damage to bottom or around end pin. So I'm googling end pin damage...images...and unrelated but glad it came up was this...
  6. beecee

    New Puppy(s) Day

    My wife is a sucker for rescue dogs. We have three. All are incredibly lucky to be somewhat braggardish about it...absolutely loved by her & I and our daughter. Well a breeder who has two other breeds of litters coming had two left over King Charles Cavaliers, the runt and a brown one, and...
  7. beecee

    What I really like about the new Forum set up?

    Being an inherently lazy bastid I love the Forums tab on top of what ever thread you happen to be on....just click it and viola, no more scrolling to get to the top to go to the next item. Someone peel me a grape.....
  8. beecee

    Apple buys Gretsch? funny comments...late to the party for April Fools but still funny
  9. beecee

    SPE stamp on early 70's Guild 12

    Is this a code for Second?
  10. beecee

    Interesting detail on my Orph

    Never noticed the binding around the sound hole on the Orpheum. I've owned a fair number of "high end" guitars and never really noticed that on any of them....not that I'm all that observant! Any idea what it is?
  11. beecee

    Odd segue of music in my head

    I seem to always have a tune going on in my head. So today while I'm putzing away at the empty office I have parts of the Allman Bros. High Falls (Dicky Betts wrote the sweetest music for such a whack-a doo), running through my head, then on to Blues is Fallin' by Hot Rize.
  12. beecee

    Incoming Wechter DN 8128

    Saw it on Reverb. Has a few issues, but price was right. Dapmdave gushed about his TO 8428 12 fret a few years back. Couldn't find one of those so I went out and bought a little parlor 1710. Still have it, love it...
  13. beecee

    My poor daughter

    15 years old. Schools closed here as of yesterday. Home for the next 30 days. Smart Mom is limiting socializing it should be. As I have to visit sites across the state I am the only one out of the house for "routine" things like grocery shopping etc. We'll do meet ups in the...
  14. beecee

    Humidification Ideas

    Well new house, smaller space for my music room. After seeing this picture in an earlier post of guitars on display: I've decided I want to keep at least 5 of my solid woods out at all times. They are too darned pretty to lock up. The house is heated with radiant fin hot water tube, so at...
  15. beecee

    I love daylight savings time

    For some reason the shift an hour ahead just seems to jive more with my internal clock. I have never needed a ton of sleep and typically wake at 2:30-3.00 a.m. Of course my wife would kill me if I jumped in the shower and headed out to work at 4 so I typically go downstairs
  16. beecee

    If I had fingers like this.......

    My fingers are probably one joint shorter than that...and much more
  17. beecee

    How cold is too cold?

    I have 2 guitars coming in via UPS today from GC. A minty 73 D-25 and an pretty good looking F-5ce. I know all the issues related to opening a lacquer guitar too soon in the cold but both arrived last night at the warehouse, roughly 30 degrees, and this morning temps are in the mid 30's. One...
  18. beecee

    Reliving my Finnish (sort of), upbringing.

    My Maternal Grandmother was a Helenius, from Finland, married a German, Schilling. My mom married a 100 % Italian. We ate well...…. I really did not remember until just last week the ordeal we were put through as young children, (under 7 years old) when we stayed at our Grandparents home...
  19. beecee

    Buffalo loses a beauty

    Great game, 2 young quarterbacks, 2 great coaches. Too bad for my Bills but future looks good!
  20. beecee

    The Horror

    My friend has his apartment broken into between Dec 28th and prior to his return yesterday. Pretty much tossed everything but this was the killer. They should have just stolen and sold the thing! [/IMG] Looks like it was sat on or stomped on. It was a pretty burst Gibby He's had it since...