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  1. walrus

    Bill Frisell Trio playing outside last week

    "What the World Needs Now" walrus
  2. walrus

    Favorite "One One Hit Wonder"?

    Posting "Ride, Captain, Ride" on the Song Title Thread made me think, what's my favorite one hit wonder? What's yours? I'm torn between two sea-faring songs - "Ride, Captain, Ride" by Blues Image, and "Brandy" by Looking Glass. walrus
  3. walrus

    Jay Buchanan of Rival Sons "Feel Better" acoustic solo on a Guild with a blue pickguard

    Great song, and an interesting look on the guitar.... walrus
  4. walrus

    Ringo's 80th birthday bash

    Ringo's party just ended. Anybody catch it on TV or youtube? Supporting some great charities. Lots of great guitar playing by some of the guests - pretty entertaining hour! walrus
  5. walrus

    new David Gilmour song

    "Yes, I Have Ghosts"... walrus
  6. walrus

    Photo upload issue?

    Hi GAD - photos I have previously been able to upload from my PC now say "file too large". Is there something we should be doing differently? I'm using the "Insert Image" button. walrus
  7. walrus

    Madison Cunningham - "Pin It Down"

    Great stuff! She's got a little Joni in her voice... walrus
  8. walrus

    Sir Paul is 78 today

    Happy birthday Paul McCartney! Where does the time go? walrus
  9. walrus

    John Prine's last recording

    The last song recorded before his death, “I Remember Everything,” was recorded in Prine’s living room with Grammy Award-winning producer Dave Cobb, according to Prine’s Facebook page. The song’s lyrics “reflect on memories from the road and the moments between dear ones that leave an indelible...
  10. walrus

    "Lockdown Blues" - John McLaughlin and the Fourth Dimension

    John has been doing some short videos during the pandemic, here's one with the full band: walrus
  11. walrus

    Lenny Kravitz "Believe" from his house in the Bahamas

    Nice place to be locked down... walrus
  12. walrus

    Robert Fripp's "Sunday Lunch" from yesterday

    Robert Fripp and his wife explaining how to get more women to King Crimson shows... walrus
  13. walrus

    Tom Bukovac talks pickups with a vintage Guild Starfire III

    Sorry for all the Bukovac videos! I am loving these! The whole episode is mostly about pickups, the Guild comes in at 9:00 - mini-humbuckers - he calls them "magic". walrus
  14. walrus

    Tom Bukovac with a vintage Guild T-Bird

    I'm taking my time going through Bukovac's daily videos. I'm really enjoying them. "Corona Lessons" were first, then he changed the name to "Homeskoolin'". Here's one with a Guild T-bird. Around 7:12 he introduces the guitar: walrus
  15. walrus

    Fender pick "MOTO" definition?

    I like trying different picks, but no matter what picks I try, if I grab a classic Fender medium celluloid I always like it! I used them for years as a youngster - not many choices then! Anyway, a strange question - the Fender celluloid mediums also come in the "MOTO" style - like "mother of...
  16. walrus

    '70's Yamaha RA-200 amp in use

    Tom Bukovac talks about his '70's Yamaha RA-200 rotary speaker cabinet. As usual, great playing to show it off! walrus
  17. walrus

    Tom Bukovac and Eric McFadden playing Guilds at Norman's

    Guild DE-400 and Starfire VI... walrus
  18. walrus

    Tom Bukovac and Sarah Buxton play Genesis

    Volume 5 of Tom's Homeskoolin', he is joined by his wife Sarah Buxton. They do a beautiful duet of Genesis' "More Fool Me". And if you like that here they are in Volume 9 doing another Genesis tune, "Ripples": walrus