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    On the fence - 1979 Guild D-50 or Eastman E20D-TC

    One reason for the Eastman is the 1 3/4 in nut even it it doesn't quite sound like a Guild.
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    Bonnie Rait Angel From Montgomery, Guild F50

    Saw her live in 72 and have her early LPs. Always loved this song
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    New D-40 - finish getting glossy already?

    My 2002 Corona D-40 has a gloss finish. I can see my reflection in it. If I wanted a satin finish I would have bought a Talyor. I am old school, when i started playing in the 60s most guitars had gloss finishes. Enjoy your D-40.
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    1969/1970 Guild F30 NT

    Surprized to see such a nice guitar next to an Airline. My 60s Airline was murder on my fretting hand. What a contrast. Do you still play it?
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    Orpheum Jumbos

    I started a list on DD Signature models and found 19 DD-6 and 5 DD12s on Reverb and ebay. I don't think they made many of these more than the Orpheum series. Both series were made when Ren was at Guild so they are good.
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    Am I the minority these days????? Cutaway vs. Non Cutaway

    It is nice and is now at home with its little brother a DD-6MCE. Did have it in the cart when I bought it? My first cutaway was a GAD-PCE50ATB with Padauk back and sides.
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    1990 JF30-12 String Trials

    Doyle Dykes uses GHS Phosphor Bronze 11s on his 12 strings. I asked GHS since they are working on a new string set for him as mentioned on his web site. The 13s should sound fine if you tune down 3 or 4 steps to reduce tension.
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    D40 CVM00071

    My 2002 D-40 has the Fender decal. If it is mint I wouldn't sell for less than $1250. The $1000 ones on reverb are only in fair condition. I think the new dealer price was around $1700-1800. Got mine in 2008 for less than $1000 new. Guild sold alot of seconds when the closed Corona which...
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    Best capo for a Guild

    The Dunlap Triger works fine, Comes in many colors.
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    NGD: Doyle Dykes DD6 MCE

    DD S325 are also under phosphor bronze. Also jeff george and David Gilmour are under Boomers. The Laurenc Juber Signature Bronze have been replaced by the Americana series. all availabe at as well. GHS changed their website so they are not easy to find.
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    NGD: Doyle Dykes DD6 MCE

    They are hidden on the GHS site under Doyle Dykes
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    NGD: Doyle Dykes DD6 MCE

    Try GHS Doyle Dykes Signature Series Phosphor Bronze 11 1/2 strings on her. (DD S325). They sound great on mine. DD guitars were under the radar for a while. Picked up mine for less than other comparable Guild models. Sure cure for GAS. I didn't realize the impact of the wider nut until I...
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    NGD: Doyle Dykes DD6 MCE

    I think these are great guitars. I loved mine so much I got a DD-12MCE to go with it. Looks like yours has the LB6 pickup. Mine has the Barbara pickup. Wait till you plug it in. It adds a whole new dimension. I play mine unplugged mostly.
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    F 512 Maple (Should I buy it?)

    Check out the Guild F-512 videos on Youtube to hear the difference between rosewood and maple. I don't have any rosewood guitars, but I love my DD-12MC. It works great for fingerstyle. I think Guilds have lower action then Martins from the factory. I liked the sound and action of by D-40...
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    Where does one buy some nice bridge pins for a Guild dread?

    I put bone with abolone pins on my D-40. Look and sound great.
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    First post - New M-25 owner

    If you don't want to wait get a ToneRite. You can get a used one on Reverb under $100. I used it on my Guilds that I hadn't played much and they opened up. Each guitar will behave differently. see for test on cheap Epiphone.
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    Started fingerpicking 50 years ago and like it best. Now use mostly just a thumb pick. For a 12 string try Earnie Ball Picky Picks. They fit between the pairs. They sound good on my resonator as well. Finger picks do increase the volume and give a different sound than bare fingers.
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    Looking for capo recommendations

    I still have a couple Dunlap elastic capos from the 60s. Use Dunlap triger capos mostly with a Kyser 12 string for my 12 strings and they work ok. Dunlap triger has a classical model I use for my GAD-N5.
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    Need a New Saddle...Suggestions?

    What happened to your original Hust & Dalton saddle that you replaced it? Your new saddle looks good.