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  1. gjmalcyon

    Song Title Thread Part Two

    "The House is Rockin" - Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
  2. gjmalcyon

    D25 love thread

    Since that's also the build for the D4 (spruce over mahogany arch back) what are the differences between the two, aside from ornamentation? Anybody here ever A/B those two?
  3. gjmalcyon

    How I lost 1,000 lbs.

    Yeah, thanks. That revelation led to a pleasant 15 minutes grazing the interwebs on the glacial history of the Adirondacks.
  4. gjmalcyon

    Song Title Thread Part Two

    "Room To Move" - John Mayall
  5. gjmalcyon

    D25 love thread

    It's not red and it's in Alexandria, VA:
  6. gjmalcyon

    Guild D4 NT year 2000

    Nice guitars. Bought the wife one for Christmas 6+ years ago that was in fair condition. I think I paid $350 and put another $125 in it for a new saddle, nut, and setup. There's one on the Pittsburgh Craigslist for $399 asked and another on the Boston Craigs for $650 asked. Those are probably...
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    Song Title Thread Part Two

    Returning to our theme ... "Theme For An Imaginary Western" - Jack Bruce and Pete Brown. This is from Mr. Bruce's Songs For A Tailor solo LP.
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    Song Title Thread Part Two

    "James Bond Theme" - Monty Norman
  9. gjmalcyon

    Guild Jumbo JF55 Neck Split

    Some highly speculative answers: 1). Failure to remove glue squeeze-out at that glue joint, causing the finish adhesion to fail. 2). Differential thermal and/or humidity expansion/contraction rates between the two wood species. 3). Because cosmic rays.
  10. gjmalcyon

    Guild Jumbo JF55 Neck Split

    LOTS of love around here for vintage D-25's.
  11. gjmalcyon

    Guild Jumbo JF55 Neck Split

    Welcome. Stick around - nice bunch of folks around here. I've never seen that in any my Guilds. Have you checked the truss rod? I can imagine a scenario where an over-tightened truss rod might do that. The guitar is adequately humdified?
  12. gjmalcyon

    Song Title Thread Part Two

    "Baby I'm A Want You" - Bread. (sorry, sorry, sorry)
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    new David Gilmour song

    That was nice. Thanks for posting that.
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    Needs more knobs

    Like this?
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    Song Title Thread Part Two

    "Monday, Monday" - The Mamas & The Papas
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    That. Is. Gorgeous. I don't think I could play it - I'd spend all my time just looking at it.
  17. gjmalcyon

    Do you keep your acoustic in a case or leave it out?

    Cased and humidified unless I'm playing. When done, right back in the case.
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    My herb garden

    That's what I grow - just not so many varieties. A lot of our basil goes into pesto. Add pot or two of oregano to that - its great in the quick pastas we do in the summer with fresh tomatoes. This week I'm going to snip my first bunch of oregano to tie together and hang in the shed to dry. Once...
  19. gjmalcyon

    Mountains and valleys

    I eulogized both my mom and dad - to keep it together I put myself in the frame of mind to help everyone there understand who they really were. I was rewarded after with a whole lot of "I didn't know that ..."
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    We toured the Martin factory a couple of times (during visits related to my wife's '51 O-15), and it was very cool. The value of the tour is directly related to the marketing department "volunteer" leading the tour. We had a really good one, and one not so much. During the "not so much" tour an...