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  1. ezstrummer

    "Free Toy"

    As I mentioned in my other post, I bought a new 12 string Guild from Sweetwater. They are offering a free 99.00 Ukulele with purchase until May 15th. I got this in the mail with my new guitar... I don't even play the Ukulele…...Guess I better learn?
  2. ezstrummer

    incoming NGD!

    I ordered this back in March but do to the shut down its been back ordered. I got a call from Sweetwater and its now on its way...
  3. ezstrummer

    12 string, string guage

    I now my new guild 12 string came with 10's on it, but its very bright sounding. I was hoping to put a set of 12's on it? Would this be too much tension for the bridge? I play with other so I really don't want to tune down.
  4. ezstrummer

    Tuning keys

    I'm thinking I need to change out the tuners on my 79' G37 acoustic. Does anyone know of a good replacement that will fit the 70's models?
  5. ezstrummer


    Does anyone have any reviews on this Guild 12 string?
  6. ezstrummer

    photo albums

    Im trying to set up a photo album? I went on the FAQ and it said to go to control panel and click on photos and albums link?? There is no photos and albums link when I go on there. Can someone please help me? Very frustrated..
  7. ezstrummer

    79 g37

    Hi folks, im new to this site. I picked up this 79 G37 from my brother in law who bought it new in 1080. I was actually with him when he bought so it has some history with me. sorry, I cant fiqure out how upload a picture from my computer?