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  1. fronobulax

    Time for some guitarist jokes...

    Goes with his Brain. Gonna dominate the world of bass. He has a start. He's better than me :-)
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    Just Saw This On FB.
  3. fronobulax

    Anybody able to Identify this model?

    1997 Nashville Custom Shop F44 maple with Florentine Cut away I think, by matching pictures at Blake's web site.
  4. fronobulax

    What are our alternatives to photobucket?

    Is that a promotion or a demotion? I was trying to be helpful but obviously did not succeed and in fairness to fredcapo I probably was putting out an attitude. But I also think I was reacting to an attitude that was already there. I guess my lesson learned is that there are devices out there...
  5. fronobulax

    What are our alternatives to photobucket?

    Windows 10 laptop. "hover" is a common user interface term to move the cursor over something on a screen and just let it sit there. In many user interfaces that will trigger some pop up text that will describe what is being hovered over. On the PC hovering over the picture Icon will tell you...
  6. fronobulax

    Why does my fretboard look like this?

    I didn't understand your question and why you thought to ask it here. So the Snark won and I started searching. But the Snark loses because what I found is that a) No one really knows the ingredients except that coconut oil was added "recently" (as of 2010) and b) Some people think it is a...
  7. fronobulax

    What are our alternatives to photobucket?

    Use your icons. If you hover over the picture icon it says "Insert Image". You can also just drag an image to the editing box and magic will happen. I agree that attach files and insert image can mean different things but you seem to have given up too quickly.
  8. fronobulax

    NGD - D40 Hoboken label 1967

    Welcome. It's Friday night so I am not prepared to do the research needed to address your questions but the good news is that there are smarter people around than me.
  9. fronobulax

    guild 12 string

    Welcome. 1970 is almost certainly Westerly in spite of the Hoboken label. I;ll let smarter folks answer the othe rquestions and maybe even correct me,
  10. fronobulax

    Ok, move to new house completed...Oh, I hope I don't have to move again for a decade...

    3 houses in almost 40 years and the middle one about 30. The scariest thing about moving out was the boxes in the basement that had come from a grandparent's house by way of my mom's house or just from my mom's house, that had not even been opened since they were moved.
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    1968 Guild F212

    I am notorious for remembering part of what Hans says, repeating it and getting it wrong. Get your salt shakers out. From approximately 1965-1970 (and I say approximately because I am not looking up year or month) both factories produced guitars. Westerly production was phased in. They...
  12. fronobulax

    It's official, Reverb increasing seller's fee to 5%

    We're talking about sales taxes, right? Never mind. I thought it was a post of GAD's when I replied. :-) :-) :-)
  13. fronobulax

    It's official, Reverb increasing seller's fee to 5%
  14. fronobulax

    It's official, Reverb increasing seller's fee to 5%

    Given what happens every time someone realizes the technology to collect sales taxes (that have been on the books for decades) has finally arrived and is being deployed, are you surprised?
  15. fronobulax

    New Vs Old Guild D-50's

    I locked it but I wonder if we need a prefix that means I found one or I'm no longer interested. Would people understand OBE for Overtaken By Events? Forgive the veer and enjoy the guitar.
  16. fronobulax

    Guild B301 Volume and Tone knobs

    OK. Op said 1977 so I went with that...
  17. fronobulax

    New Hartford era

    My local dealer said that the stocking requirements had evolved. He said during the NH years that his buy of Guilds did not change or contribute to the stocking requirements for other FMIC products. Indeed he noted it was a PITA to deal with FMIC because he had one contact for Fender and...
  18. fronobulax

    New Hartford era

    The dealer network was getting revamped under FMIC but the sale followed by a few years of no new made in USA product took a toll. That said the folks I considered Guild dealers in the New Hartford years all seem to have returned to the fold.
  19. fronobulax

    Guild B301 Volume and Tone knobs

    Since I confused the issue there are a lot of B301 images that do seem to have the black knob with numbered skirt and Guild logo. But I could not find a 77 so... As always, I defer to Hans :) Kurt's 1979
  20. fronobulax

    Guild B301 Volume and Tone knobs

    P.S. Watch because they are probably the same knobs.