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  1. Opsimath

    What a bunch of hucky-pucky!

    My son has VR. At his encouragement I did the initial training just to see what it was like. It was very impressive, especially when the whale swam past above me, and just as in "real life" I had to look up to see it. I think I said, "Wwwooowww". The dance part was fun. All in all I liked it.
  2. Opsimath

    Winter fun

    We have 45 degrees and should get up to around 50, sunshine with occasional breeze. No ice or snow on the vehicles. Summer is hot here but winter is certainly easy. Is it a good trade off? For now, yes, but ask me again in June, July, and August. Wishing the best to everyone dealing with...
  3. Opsimath

    Song Title Thread Part Two

    Meat Loaf - Heaven Can Wait
  4. Opsimath

    Split System AC and mold....

    Are you saying you need an AC in Finland?
  5. Opsimath

    Lab rescued 6 days after house slides off foundation

    Hard to type through tears. So sad about Lilli, the dog's sister, but glad they got Sammy out.
  6. Opsimath

    BGUF - Beautiful Guitar, Ugly Feet

    That poor bass is looking a little rough, and rusty.
  7. Opsimath

    Red at 1 year

    I think our dog sheds 10,000 hairs per day, too.
  8. Opsimath

    Red at 1 year

    Red is one fine looking fellow!
  9. Opsimath

    It's cold here!

    You made the right decision!
  10. Opsimath

    The Dark Side of the Cat

    If that cat could talk what tales he'd tell About Della and the Dealer and the dog as well But the cat was cool, and he never said a mumblin' word
  11. Opsimath


    Congratulations! 10 strings? Looks complicated.
  12. Opsimath

    The Dark Side of the Cat

    Iris looks like a cat we had, black with a few white hairs, yellow eyes. Her name was Xena Warrior Kitty. Her smaller sister looked the same minus the white hairs and was Gabrielle Queen of the Amazon Kitties, or Gabby to her friends.
  13. Opsimath

    My fave Led Zep song

    The Battle of Evermore
  14. Opsimath

    The Dark Side of the Cat

    Reminds me of a T-shirt I saw: "We got rid of the kids, the cat was allergic."
  15. Opsimath

    The Dark Side of the Cat

    Congratulations to you and Iris. I hope we can look forward to more Iris stories. So glad she came in from the cold.
  16. Opsimath

    Rush Pinball Machine

    That is so neat! What a wonderful memory, for your son, too, apparently.
  17. Opsimath

    I hate waiting in lines

    Sorry to hear you're under the weather. Hard to believe they make people not feeling well stand in such cold for over an hour, and then send them to sit in the car for two hours. You're a better trooper than I would be! Hoping you feel better qiuckly and that your Sunday test will also be...
  18. Opsimath

    What model?

  19. Opsimath

    Rush Pinball Machine

    So are you going to get one?