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    Is It Jazz or Something More Seditious?

    You don't do anything half way do you.
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    Different Take on an Old Standby

    I love hearing other folks versions of songs that have been around awhile. Here's a Bill Morrissey/Greg Brown version of "Hang Down Your Head Tom Dula" Hopethe link works.
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    My D25M

    I don't even know what that means but I do agree, 100%
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    NGD-1970 D 25 Cherry

    I just bought this from Tom Jacobs. I was looking for an all Mahogany flat back D 25 Cherry to go with my Spruce top, arched back D 25 Cherry. This used to be Eric Singer's guitar. This is one of the finest D 25's I've ever owned and I've had a few. It says Hoboken on the label but Hans assures...
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    NGD-F 48

    You are correct sir. I forgot about the JF-4. I owned a couple and they were pretty nice guitars and priced right as well.
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    Vibrolux Reverb

    Well, 20 to 30 years from now is problematic for me but for now, I'll just enjoy it. Thanks for the info though, makes me feel like maybe I did something right.
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    1972 F 40

    Seems to be the case. I also just bought from him a D25 (1969 I think) that was Eric's guitar. It Was just delivered but it's pretty cold here so I'll let it warm up overnight. As far as Tom goes, I am just super pleased with his work and at this point in my life have no problem paying the...
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    1972 F 40

    I'm not sure I've evr shared this guitar with this group. It is a Westerly 1972 F 40 I bought some time ago. It needed work so off to Tom Jacobs it went. I've likely got more into this one than I'll ever recoup but that's o.k. because I have no plans or wish to sell it. It's a gorgeous guitar in...
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    NGD-F 48

    Sorry, no pics yet. It's going to be well below zero here thru most of next week so I won't be having it shipped quite yet. It is a 1974 F-48 Navarre. It's a big Jumbo guitar with a 17" lower bout. Solid Sitka Spruce top and solid Mahogany and sides. It looks to be in prettyy nice shape with no...
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    NGD-DV 62

    Don't know fot sure yet. I just told him if they weren't bone to swap them out. To be honest, I can't tell a siginificant difference between the twoo but this is going to be a fine guitar so I don't mind pumping a little investment into it.
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    NGD-DV 62

    Heard from Tom Jacobs today and good news. The guitar needs a neck reset (I knew about that before I bought it) but other than that it's in fine shape. He might swap out the bridge pins and maybe clean it up a bit cosmetically but he said no real issues here at all that he sees. He also said it...
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    John Denvers F612 (The Altered one)

    I think Glenn has more guitars (good ones at least) than God. He and Awagner kinda both got it goin' on I think.
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    Fender Acoustasonic Series

    Anyone have any experience with these and if so, anything positive (or not) to share. Sounds like the Jazzmaster has more of an acoustic feel (neckwise etc.) to it and sounds more acoustic than the Tele or Strat. The USA version is about $800 more than the Mexican version (better electronics...
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    Red at 1 year

    I love that Dog. Please give me that Dog!!!!!!!
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    Sacrilege-I know, I know

    What other people say or think is seldom a consideration, even just a little bit for me.
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    It's cold here!

    No thinking required on that front.
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    It's cold here!

    Wow!!! Now -35, that's dad gum cold. Forget the wind chill
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    It's cold here!

    Well, I was out feeding the birds in my boxer shorts today at about 3:00 p.m. (I did have a sweater on though). My birds wre hungry and needed suet and seeds.
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    It's cold here!

    I don't believe in wind chill. I think it's an urban myth or quite possibly a Communist plot of some type.
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    Vibrolux Reverb

    I actually ended up going with a non tube amp, a Fender Tonemaster Deluxe Reverb. It was priced right and seems to get good reviews. It should work just fine for my needs.