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    A keyboard with a whammy bar!

    But why? There are other ways. In fact, the keyboard to the right has the knob for that.
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    Talk me out of a...

    Mandolin. I fear I have watched too many Chris Thile videos. The folks at work gave us some one time pay for something or another, so it would feel like a gift to me. I was looking at the thread where Big Muddy Mandolins were mentioned. Not horribly pricey, considering what decent Mandos go...
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    I found that pointy guitar in a video

    I can't recall the recent thread that showed the pointiest electric guitar ever. The one is this video looks just like it.
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    Is there a dual source pickup that can be set to mic only?

    I'm looking at the Seymour Duncan Wavelength Duo and I just watched a demo of the LR Baggs Anthem. Both are undersaddle with a mic you can blend in, but the undersaddle is always on.
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    Nothing motivates practice like a gig! With a twist.

    I've heard that phrase before and now it makes sense! I was trying to be sly and get a song from my friends originals to learn by asking what would be a cool song to learn. His first e-mail was suggesting Classical Gas and the theme to Popeye the sailor. That was out of the blue! Then he came...
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    Nice Collings

    Now, if you were to try to pick a Guild that had this sort of thing going on, what would it be? Single coils, it looks like. The look reminds me of Dynasonics. Here is the spec page for this $6000 instument.
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    Strat vs Tele style guitars and their uses?

    I'm trying to get good jazz tones and still like a nice blues tone. I have a G&L ( off shore version ) Strat, but I rarely play anything but the neck pickup. Sometimes the middle, but the "tween" settings and the bridge pickup are just to sharp sounding for me. I hear some very good blues stuff...
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    Because of Rayk, I've done it.

    What is " It " you ask? It's that I've taken my not played much Walden G2070 guitar and put in in DADGAD tuning. It's a Cedar over Mahogany guitar . OM style I would guess and it sounds really cool in that open tuning. I looked up a quick chart on common chords in DADGAD and am trying to find...
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    It's harder than I thought

    I'm going to take some pictures of my guitars and create some demo clips of each one for a friend of mine. He's battling stuff and with COVID concerns I can't just have him come over and try them out. So, I thought, "A few snap shots and some audio clips. How hard can that be? " Well, what to...
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    D'Addrio Nickle / Bronze strings: Will they stay so bright?

    I am going to do some sound clips of my collection of guitars for a friend of mine, who can't come over to play them due to health reasons, so I made sure they had new stings. The F47R strings looked poor so I decided to try a set of the new Nickle / Bronze strings. Yesterday they were bright...
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    Good video on amature hollow body pick-up swap

    This is probably how many of us would have the same issues, but it all works out.
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    The term cove got me thinking about this...

    Apparently, the TicTok-verse has discovered " Sea shanties " . I hadn't really thought about that musical style until my boss got bored in a Zoom meeting where the important other person was late and started finding Sea Shanty clips to play to entertain or annoy the rest of us. When I got home...
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    Ways to remove a stuck saddle?

    Some time back, I dropped my D-55 off at a well know place on Sunset. I had a Bob Coloski saddle in it, but I had given him specs a tiny bit too low on the bass end. I still had the taller saddle that came with the guitar. The guy removed the new one and sanded down the original and gave it to...
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    Two pedals I don't need, but kinda' want. Weigh in!

    The last time my instructor and his students got to perform in public we found that the drummer that is a friend tends to not drum so well ,the later the event lasts. He tends to speed up during the songs anyway. So, coming up with an alternate " drummer " has been in the back of my mind. I...
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    Does the old DTAR pickup = Wavelength Duo ?

    Seymour Duncan lists the wavelength Duo as there mic + UST pickup system. I think I recall that's the same system as the DTAR that Guild used. Am I correct? I got an Amazon gift card as a gift, and I always wanted to stick one of these in either the F47R or the D-55.
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    Stupid string question

    Some time back, after reading through one of the many string threads, I popped for some sets I've never tried. Some Thomastik-Infeld Spectrum 12-54s. I also grabbed some Elixirs 80/20 Bronze Polyweb 12-53 and Phosphor bronze Nonoweb 13-53s. It's been rather a long time since that thread and...
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    If I replace carpet with wood flooring, will I get too much echo ?

    My wife is changing out the carpet for new in the room next to my computer/music room. I know me. Once I see how nice the other room looks with new carpet, I'm going to want to keep up and pull out the 1986 vintage stuff and replace it. I was looking at some of the wood type click in place stuff...
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    Al Di Meola

    " My first good guitar was a Guild Starfire, which I still have " Time stamp about 4:10
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    Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms sound

    I wasn't sure where this fits in the forum , so I put it here. Feel free to move it. I am discussing the anatomy of good solos with my instructor. Among the songs I suggested we look at was Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits. It's obviously Mark using a Les Paul, but I am not sure what effect(s)...
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    If I can't fix my Carvin...what is out there like it ?

    The Carvin is a tube amp that is 16w in full loud mode but has a switch to drop down to 5w which is perfect as a practice amp. The guitars sound better a lower volumes in that mode than just keeping the master volume low. It has a 12" 100w speaker. I've been window shoping since the Carvin...