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  1. Cougar

    King of Pain by Sting with Lady Gaga..... holy CRAP!!!

    Holy crap is right! Wow! Talk about dynamics! Whew!
  2. Cougar

    Favorite easy-to-learn acoustic songs...

    Tom Petty! Won't Back Down [Em D G] Learning to Fly [F C Am G]
  3. Cougar

    Favorite "One One Hit Wonder"?

    I figured they must have had other hits. But when I checked the lineup on their album... nope, "Incense and Peppermints" was the only one I'd ever heard of, LOL...
  4. Cougar

    Favorite "One One Hit Wonder"?

    Well, having been a former Cryptkicker and taken a whirlwind tour as keyboardist for Bobby Pickett, I'd have to go with Monster Mash, a true one-hit wonder. :p Reportedly, Leon Russell played piano on the original recording. 😲
  5. Cougar

    JF 30 love thread

    I always make it a two-day trip, stopping in Mesquite, which is about half way. Will have to stop in Vegas for drinks with Tom next time!
  6. Cougar

    Am I the minority these days????? Cutaway vs. Non Cutaway

    That's a nice one! I used to be on the constant lookout for a good deal on one of those. They all have abalone rosettes, and I was looking for one with a burst, a non-cutaway, and with an ebony fretboard, which were not too common, and then Gibson got into trouble with the ebony police, so...
  7. Cougar

    JF 30 love thread

    My first Guild! JF30 of the 12-string variety. I had a planned trip to L.A. area from Salt Lake to visit family; made a side trip through the city of Corona to Dana Point to make this craigslist purchase. Still ecstatic with this beauty!
  8. Cougar

    Am I the minority these days????? Cutaway vs. Non Cutaway

    I'm just not a fan of cutaways. I happened into a New Hartford F212XLCE that was really a nice guitar, but I just couldn't dig the cutaway, so I let it go. On the other hand, I would not have had any problem with this burst DD12MCE, which was on reverb and I missed picking up by that much.
  9. Cougar

    New old guild questions

    I thought it might have been ramped (poorly). But with that good saddle height, I'm not sure why....
  10. Cougar

    Reverb Seller Hasn’t Shipped - UPDATE: Resolved! (F212 Content)

    Don't wait to contact reverb, but let them know you do still want the guitar and you don't want a refund YET. They will contact the seller and ask what's up. Since there's no tracking number yet, reverb still has the money - they haven't sent it on to the seller until he supplies a tracking...
  11. Cougar

    New old guild questions

    I'd listen to Glenn. He's got a lot of experience... and a lot of Guilds!
  12. Cougar

    Used Martin's, Gibson's, Taylor's

    Early on, that was always a dream guitar for me. Then when Gibson's J-15 came out and was getting rave reviews, I started looking at those. They have an abalone rosette, and occasionally Bozeman would make a burst. I even got on a list at Music Villa in Bozeman, who got first dibs on the...
  13. Cougar

    New old guild questions

    Now, that's the way to include some photos! Welcome to the forums, AJ! That is a gorgeous old F20! Your luthier will be able to tell you whether he can salvage the bridge or if he thinks it's better to replace it. Looks like the saddle is slanted, which put too much torque on the rosewood...
  14. Cougar

    Picking a Focus for an Older Beginner(ish) Player

    I'd say no. Keep playing both ways, but just play the way you feel like on any given day. You'll likely naturally drift to prefer one way, which is fine. Guilds are made to be played, and playing is made to be fun, not a chore. I expand my repertoir (such as it is) by watching videos on the...
  15. Cougar

    NGD- Guild F-20

    Wow, that's been taken good care of! Major congrats, beecee!
  16. Cougar

    New Guild Day-1989 GF30

    Another GF! And a beauty! Major congrats! And welcome to the forums!
  17. Cougar

    The Far Side cartoonist Gary Larson debuts first new comics in 25 years

    My favorite line in that regard: Why waste time learning when ignorance is instantaneous?
  18. Cougar

    New Guild Day- GF25 black 87?88?

    I was going to say. There was a thread about that some time ago - 2017. And the back of the headstock does say GF... But that's a great looking guitar! And major congrats, Shakey! What ARE the specs on a GF25? Mainly I want to know the lower bout width. Love that shape!