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  1. bobouz

    For Cougar: CJ-165

    Carrying over a discussion from the Gibson board for Cougar, since I don’t know how to post pics there! This is my 2007 CJ-165ec. Back, sides, & neck are flamed maple, the pickup is a soundhole mounted (‘07 & ‘08 only) Fishman Aura Ellipse unit. Lower bout is 15” wide, depth is 4-5/8”, scale...
  2. bobouz

    Simplified picture posting?

    I’ve seen a couple of references to a simplified picture posting process. I must have missed the rollout of this - Could someone please explain or provide a link? Thanks in advance!
  3. bobouz

    The Untold Story (of Gibson & Guild) by Ren

    A YouTube video was linked on the Gibson acoustic forum that includes a lot of interesting stuff. Sorry I don't know how to attach links, but go to YouTube & punch in: The Untold Story of Gibson Acoustic I'm guessing this was made towards the end of 2015. I haven't seen it before & it may...
  4. bobouz

    Unusual '97 Starfire III ?

    Just wondering about a '97 Starfire that arrived today. It is very clearly labeled as a Starfire 3, and conforms to the original specs in every way, including the metal bridge - except for the fact that it has a harp tailpiece instead of the 3's Guild-Bigsby. There are no signs of a Bigsby...
  5. bobouz

    Which factory is making NS guitars?

    My apologies if this has already been covered, but I'm wondering if anyone has reliable info on which Korean factory is manufacturing Newark Street Guilds? I have a 2014 A-150b Savoy, from the end of the Fender era. Samick, Peerless, Saien, Unsung, other? Just curious!
  6. bobouz

    Ren leaving Guild?

    Per a post on the Gibson Acoustic Forum, Ren is retiring and moving back to Bozeman. Whenever and wherever he goes, many thanks to Ren for all his efforts to keep USA-made Guilds viable, and well wishes for a most enjoyable retirement!
  7. bobouz

    '73-'75 Guild F-30R production numbers?

    I have a '73 Guild F-30R, which had a short three-year run using the "mini-jumbo" body style, along with a chesterfield logo, dots inlays, ebony board & bridge, decorative back stripe, and black pickguard to complement the rosewood body. In 1976, this model was reintroduced with F-50R...
  8. bobouz

    Two more Guilds in two weeks!

    Two weeks ago I received a '73 F-30R, and after some setup work, it's just a lovely little guitar. Ebony fingerboard & bridge, black pickguard, marquetry striping on the back & endpin joint, chesterfield logo, and original hardshell case. As these seem to be rather rare, it's my first...
  9. bobouz

    1973 Guild F30R Guild label with Made in USA

    Yesterday I received an F30R made in 1973. It has a few issues & I'm assessing whether or not to keep it, but I was just curious about the label. I know this has come up before, but can't recall the discussion. The label only says Made in USA. It does not list the city of origin as either...
  10. bobouz

    Clarification re the BR designation

    I'm rather new to this particular guitar board (but not to Guilds!), and have seen occasional references to "BR" Guilds. Is this simply referring to an instrument with Brazilian Rosewood? And if so, do those with only a BR board and/or bridge get into the group? Additionally, what is the last...
  11. bobouz

    1976 G-37 blond

    After owning four Guilds in the '70s (all purchased new), I drifted away to short scale Gibsons & Martins for many years (mostly Gibsons), and I still greatly enjoy them. But all of a sudden, in the past six months I've rediscovered my inner Guild, and what a fun ride it's been - capped in the...