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  1. SFIV1967

    Michael Lemmo and Sarah Rogo, one of the better Guitar of the Day shows

    I liked that one from today! Ralf
  2. SFIV1967

    Billy F Gibbons, ZZ Ward, Orianthi and friends - Sharp Dressed Man on Skyville Live

    Can't stop today...What a great performance of all of them on stage! Ralf
  3. SFIV1967

    "Haunting, peaceful, mysterious, relaxing...just beautiful."

    Having my music night tonight.... There is so much talent out there! London Grammar - Nightcall (Live at Lowlands 2017) Ralf
  4. SFIV1967

    George Harrison singing and playing guitar in Germany...not...

    I was laughing when I watched the Australian band Parcels performing together with the German band AnnenMayKantereit. Great performance. Ralf
  5. SFIV1967

    Guild F-50 sighting - Sammy Hagar

    Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA on 6 November 1993. Ralf
  6. SFIV1967

    Guild D-55 ATB (NH) sighting - Adam Sandler

    What a fun performance! May 15, 2015 San Francisco, CA Ralf
  7. SFIV1967

    Guild D-55 (NH) sighting - Jerry Cantrell with James Hetfield

    Covering Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't fear the Reaper". Not the best sound in that recording but still o.k.... 15/5/2015 San Francisco, CA. Better sounding version but very short: Ralf
  8. SFIV1967

    S-300 owners - what is the typical body width of a S-300?

    I'm in the process of buying a case for a S-300 but have a pre-production model that might or might not have the correct production body width. Can a few of the S-300 owners just measure how wide they are (I'm just trying to find out if they are typically smaller or wider than 14.25") (Hans book...
  9. SFIV1967

    Jim Babjak's black Guild F-50

    As this was posted in the "favorite picture" thread I thought it is worth a little discussion here instead there. The question there was "What guitar is it?" Here are a few detailed pictures of the guitar: He is seen with her since first half 2020. Multiple pictures and YouTube videos with...
  10. SFIV1967

    The very first Oxnard GSR model - GSR F-512 (Madagascar Rosewood!)

    Since I did some research into Oxnards GSR models recently I found it interesting that this special guitar was never discussed yet at LTG despite that it is already from early 2019! Now one can argue if the previous 2018 made “D-40 Traditional Deluxe GSR Sweetwater Exclusive” already counted as...
  11. SFIV1967

    Guild sighting -- (Ghost) Riders In the Sky (American Outlaws: Live at Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, March 1990)

    I'm sure it has been posted a few times before, but it never gets old. What a classic song and band! (Johnny Cash with Guild D-60, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings und Kris Kristofferson) Those lucky people who were able to see that concert! Ralf
  12. SFIV1967

    New Guild USA GSR models!

    Now look at this. All finished in satin NC. Guild announced today that they have delieverd 3 new GSR models to Chicago Music Exchange! "Our very own “Guild Special Run” guitars are the culmination of more than half a decade at the forefront of acoustic design and aesthetics. Each one being...
  13. SFIV1967

    NGD soon...first glimps...

  14. SFIV1967

    TalkBass - catastrophic fire - doesn't sound good...

  15. SFIV1967

    The Gino Tomaso "Guild"

    It was 10 or more years ago since this guitar was discussed here. Since all pictures are gone and even the old discussions were lost during the forum transistion some years ago I thought it might be fun to show her again. And we have so many new members in the last 10 years... Lets start with...
  16. SFIV1967

    Starfire IV ST Maple in Sky Blue

    Chicago Music Exchange sold this month a unique SPG made Starfire IV ST Maple in Sky Blue! But it had an old 2018 serial number, so was probably a one off that was sold via CMG. Ralf
  17. SFIV1967

    NAMM 2021: Guild Artist Showcase 2021/01/18

    Featuring performances from Jay Buchanan (Rival Sons), Shane Alexander, Halley Neal and Emily Elbert. Here's the recording of it (unregistered link): Ralf
  18. SFIV1967

    NAMM 2021: Westerly Collection F-240E

    Another model that was just introduced for virtuall NAMM 2021 is a F-240E: "The recognizable sound of Guild's jumbo guitars has been heard on stages, broadcasts, and recordings for years. Now that coveted tone is available at a player's price." "Jumbo shape at a player's price, the F-240E is...
  19. SFIV1967

    NAMM 2021: Westerly Collection "BT" models (=Baritone)

    So now the guessing can start, what the heck does "BT" mean... And the winner is: GGJaguar with "Baritone" !!! (sorry, no price to win...) Guild just introduced for virtual NAMM 2021: 1) BT-240E Baritone: "Combining Guild's historically large jumbo body shape and their legacy of pressed back...
  20. SFIV1967

    Ovation Guitars acquired by GEWA music

    12/22/2020 Ovation Guitars acquired by GEWA music The Adamas and Applause brands are also included Following on from Mesa/Boogie's move to Gibson, an iconic name in acoustic guitar has found a new home with GEWA music's announcement that it has acquired the Ovation brand from Drum Workshop...