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  1. bobouz

    GuildQuest Continues.......

    I had a long running subscription to Vintage Guitar Magazine, and first came across Rob’s search there. I sadly will say, that given all the instruments I’ve sold or traded off since the ‘70s, I’ve never run into any of them a second time. This is truly a needle-in-a-haystack situation, but on...
  2. bobouz

    GuildQuest Continues.......

    Best of luck in the quest, Rob - I can definitely relate. Although I’d already been fortunate enough to acquire a few pieces, in 2015, I began a more serious quest to revisit a number of guitars I had owned in the ‘70s. I was not looking for the exact same instruments, but the same or similar...
  3. bobouz

    Let’s see those vintage amps

    All I’m after is clean tones, and these Fender Red Knob amps from the late ‘80s & early ‘90s have become my favorites. Super 210 & Super 60 are 6L6 tube amps. Deluxe 85, Studio 85, & Princeton Chorus are SS. All of these were made in Lake Oswego, Oregon (some were also manufactured in Corona...
  4. bobouz

    Guitar maker scratched my Guild GAD-50E

    A properly cut & properly seated saddle is absolutely crucial in getting the best tone out of your instrument. In post #38, the saddle appears to be leaning forward, most likely with poor overall contact. It should fit snugly & straight in without leaning - a tight fit, but still able to be...
  5. bobouz

    Hemp speaker cones better for stoner rock?

    Bought an Eminence Patriot Series Hemp speaker & didn't like it at all. I'm only after a clean sound, and unfortunately the speaker sounded quite honky to me. A lack of articulation? Indeed!
  6. bobouz

    Took a gamble on a 76’ Guild G-37 on the GC website.

    Imho, you can't go wrong buying used from GC because of the return policy - and if you have a GC near you, you can bypass shipping hassles & return it in person. I started buying used & vintage guitars, mandolins, & amps (including my own G-37) from GC when they first started listing them...
  7. bobouz

    Decisions decisions....Westerly vs. corona JF 30 bursts!

    I clearly prefer the burst on the Westerly, but would pass on both because there’s no return option. The JF-30 had a long production run & seems to turn up rather frequently - and many examples have utilized highly figured maple (such as my ‘94 below). Given that we are not talking about a...
  8. bobouz

    A Wimp I Am

    A perfect day: Outside - 68 degrees ( hopefully overcast!). Inside - 68 degrees (electric zone heaters, no A/C needed here).
  9. bobouz

    Photos of my new old Gibson mandolin

    As Tom says, smaller is better - for a number of reasons: - Being physically very small, mandolins are far less likely to get bumped & bruised or worse. - Carved tops & backs with a small surface area are strong, and are more likely to withstand an impact without structural damage. - On many old...
  10. bobouz

    Guitar maker scratched my Guild GAD-50E

    Sorry for the veer, but one more reiterated tip here: To clean grim off a fingerboard, I use fine bronze wool (non-magnetic, so great for electrics), followed by a treatment of Fret Doctor (bore oil). Results are consistently the best I’ve obtained in rejuvenating high-mileage fretboards...
  11. bobouz

    Guitar maker scratched my Guild GAD-50E

    Fret Doctor is bore oil. It’s now the only fretboard conditioner that’s allowed through the door at my house, and I’ve tried a bunch of them. F-One (as touted in the linked article) was my favorite until using Fret Doctor, which retains a slightly darker color & does not dry out as quickly...
  12. bobouz

    Photos of my new old Gibson mandolin

    I’ve never seen any info on the specific composition of the A-3’s ivory finish, but I have read that it’s somewhat delicate in nature. Regardless, aesthetically it’s a super cool finish, imho, and I also love the curlicue peghead inlay, which is unique to the A-3 in the world of Gibson mandos.
  13. bobouz

    3 things I am thankful for; how about you?

    Family, Health, & Hobbies - Life @ 70 is good!
  14. bobouz

    Artist Award vs Johnny Smith Award

    I’ve long been interested in X-braced archtops, and the JSA surely does sound like a fabulous instrument. Thanks so much for sharing the many fine-detail differences!
  15. bobouz


    Adele unquestionably has talent, and congrats to her on achieving such a high degree of success in a very challenging business. Her singing style doesn’t appeal to me, but clearly it does to millions of people, so good on her. As noted, I just leave the room if need be, and without missing a...
  16. bobouz

    Guitar maker scratched my Guild GAD-50E

    We all have our own standards when it comes to aesthetic issues and our prized possessions. Your standards are totally valid, and should not be dismissed for any reason by someone else, whether you're talking about a guitar or a car. In the matter of your guitar, I would take it into the shop...
  17. bobouz


    Glad it all worked out for you. Those ‘20s ‘A’ models can surely be super sweet!
  18. bobouz

    Epiphone 59 Les Paul thoughts?

    Actually, there have been many assorted LP Studio models, and some have had maple caps. One of the more significant differences, though, is that Sudio models almost always use 490/498 or 490/490 humbuckers, as opposed to ‘57 humbuckers.
  19. bobouz


    Well, as mentioned, I was out of the room for much of the time, so maybe this performance was toned down a bit from what I’ve heard on CDs. That would be nice! And like you said - different ears. But your descriptor regarding her great pipes is spot on because she really belts it out a lot -...
  20. bobouz


    My wife really likes Adele, so it was on in the house. Personally, I have a hard time with anyone who’s singing relies on a lot of shouting. It just comes across as harsh & piercing - kind of like being stuck in the car with a persistently loud talker. No question she can sing & no question...