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  1. GuildyAsHell

    F-20 Pickguard Poll

    My rebuild project is about to be completed. The original pickguard couldn’t be used. If it was your guitar, AND you didn’t care about originality, AND you realize the soundhole is larger than original, what would you choose for a pickguard? Options, makers, and all opinions welcome.
  2. GuildyAsHell

    ‘58 F-20 case options?

    I know other threads have been similar, but the links in them lead to unavailable items. Perhaps there are more recent options or someone maybe has something. Looking for a hard case with a nice fit for the F-20 I’m having rebuilt. Does not need to be some crazy expensive flight case or anything...
  3. GuildyAsHell

    THaTs A gIbSoN hEaDsToCk!!!!

    Do any of you fine folks come across nearly belligerent people that insist that 50’s Guilds have a “Gibson headstock”. This has come up a few times in some of the Facebook groups. I know they are similar, but…?
  4. GuildyAsHell

    F-20 truss rod wrench HELP

    Is there a wrench out there for a ‘58 F-20? If anyone has one they’d be willing to sell, or if you all can point me in the right direction for something that’ll work, I’d be very grateful.
  5. GuildyAsHell

    Neck reset difficulties?

    I’ve heard and read things about some luthiers not wanting to do resets on Guild acoustics. Can anyone tell me what is behind this? Is it era specific? I’m having a 1958 F-20 restored and I want to gather as much info as I can before work starts. TIA
  6. GuildyAsHell

    F-20 Train wreck or my Boot EEK project progress

    Well against my better judgement, I decided to do some of the tedious things that are in my scope of abilities. Removed pickguard, bridge, tuners, truss rod cover, end pin, and bagged them up. Cleaned up the bottom of the bridge and filled some tear out (not from me) with rosewood dust and...
  7. GuildyAsHell

    Train wreck F-20

    Hi all, This is my first post. Very glad to have found this forum. When I’m in my hometown I will often visit the shop of my guitar teacher from high school to catch up and see what he’s got. Occasionally I rescue something he doesn’t want to put a lot of work into. Most recently when I was...