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  1. drc

    Sold 1976 Black S-100 Stereo

    discussed here original post Original Reverb add here Reverb Add Guitar arrived smelling of cigarette smoke, so I'm passing it along to someone that doesn't mind that smell. Sold More pics available upon request. Plays and sounds like it should. I haven't even tried the stereo toggle...
  2. drc

    T250 Roy Buchanan

    T250 Reverb listing Score! Wish it had the cake knife headstock.
  3. drc

    Stereo Y jack guitar cable options?

    Looking for suggestions on stereo Y jack guitar cables? Cables can get expensive. I bought one several years ago when I had a stereo S-300, but I can’t find it anywhere!
  4. drc

    1974 Starfire II

    Just purchased, can’t be leave the deal! Besides the obvious screwed up pickguard, the missing OHSC and something funny going on with the neck binding area at the bass side of the 14th fret(?), what else do you guys see? 1974 Starfire II
  5. drc

    90’s Bluesbird and a Gotoh 510 bridge?

    Any chance it’s stock? I bought a stinky (Smokey) ‘97 Bluesbird and I didn’t notice the bridge until I had the guitar in my hand.
  6. drc

    NAD Engl Ironball SE

    I’ve been waiting for one of these to pop up for sale at a reasonable price for awhile now. Finally got lucky. Ironball Special Edition This thing is loaded with options! I probably won’t see day light for a good 2 weeks.
  7. drc

    Sold 1981 Guild S65-D

    As discussed here and Craigslist here Prefer to sell, but open to trade offers. picture from previous owner
  8. drc

    Sold 1966 Guild Cherry Burst S-50

    1966 Guild Cherry Burst S-50 Jet Star with original hard shell case! Just purchased, but decided to sell it to buy another collector piece. Great guitar, nothing wrong with it, just need the $. I was told its all original, and have no reason to doubt. Plays great, low action, no buzz. Frets...
  9. drc

    Original 1966 Guild S-50 Case?

    I can’t recall ever owning one like this. The outside of the case has kind of a speckled finish.
  10. drc

    WTB Nightbird with HB1’s

    The subject says it all. I’d like for the HB1’s to be original to the guitar.
  11. drc

    S65-D headstock overlay issue

    Why do you guys/gals think this is happening?
  12. drc

    Sold 1997 Black Starfire II

    Recently sold and returned due to damaged caused during shipping. The neck has separated from the body, see pics. Original For Sale Thread $750 or Best Offer + shipping fees
  13. drc

    Guild Frets

    Is there a comparable fret in todays market that is wide like the frets that were used on a '86 Nightbird? I'm sure this has been discussed before? I'm looking forward to getting Ralf'd! or Hans'd! or Forno'd! or... I'm refretting my Nightbird, and I don't really know what frets to install...
  14. drc

    Sold 1997 Black Starfire 2

    No longer available It's in pretty good condition, no notable dings, buckle rash or playing issues to mention. For the real picky, it could maybe use a "buff job", the black is hazy in spots. The SD-1's sound amazing. IMO cant go wrong with a mid to late 90's Westerly Starfire. The case is...
  15. drc

    Sold 1978 S300-D

    Reverb listing LTG (CONUS) member price $1275 shipped LTG (outside the US) member price $1300 + all shipping fees. also discussed here on LTG
  16. drc

    Sold Vintage Starfire truss rod cover

    free to any longtime member that has a vintage Starfire and is missing the truss rod cover
  17. drc

    Sold 1980's (?) NOS Guild stopbar / tailpiece

    I have a total of 10. Have no clue when or where I got them. $15 each + shipping or trade for something guitar related?
  18. drc

    FS/FT Elastic vintage Guild Capos (?)

    I'm sure there is no real $$ value here, so lets have some fun and do a "trade". I don't use capos, so please no trade offers for other capos. Other than that, pretty much open to anything guitar related.
  19. drc

    Sold 1972 S100 Deluxe NB

    I had this one posted on eBay. I received a message from a very intelligent Guild expert ;) that the guitar didn't look like it had a factory finish. so I pulled the eBay add immediately. After sharing more photos with said expert ;) he came to the conclusion that indeed it was no longer a...
  20. drc

    Just buds watching some TV