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  1. gjmalcyon

    Documentary - RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked the World

    Ralph Towner covered it several times - here's a live version with Gary Peacock complete with Guild content. And with Oregon.
  2. gjmalcyon

    Turkey Vegetable Soup

    She Who Must Be Obeyed did a nice Shepherd's Pie with the herbed butter roasted turkey leftovers. And in observance of her house dietary rules, no peas were harmed in its making. Green beans instead. 'Twas good two nights in a row. Plus I got to deploy my Searzall to impart just the right...
  3. gjmalcyon

    Random Guild on Video Sightings

    Sunday Morning on CBS is must watch TV in our house once I have the coffee made to the satisfaction of She Who Must Be Obeyed. This morning's show had a wonderful segment on Pat Benatar that included her husband Neil Giraldo. Several still photos had Giraldo playing a Guild, like this:
  4. gjmalcyon

    Favorite Beatles song

    I think about this a lot. At this point it is "I Saw Her Standing There": They were above all else, a bar band with their craft, skill, chops, and creativity honed at village fetes, school dances, and never-ending sets at The Cavern Club and 48 straight nights at The Indra Club in Hambug.
  5. gjmalcyon

    Smoked whole turkey

    I have a 22" and a 26". Just got a rotisserie for the 22". I also have the Kettle Pizza kit for the 22" Weber, and it is great.
  6. gjmalcyon

    Beatles: Peter Jackson Gives a Sneak Peek of Get Back

    Finished the third episode today - For me it changes the narrative about how it all ended into something much less acrimonious and bitter than what I assumed. It is fascinating watching them workshopping songs, and contributing to each other's material. And it's been and all-Beatle weekend. We...
  7. gjmalcyon

    Smoked whole turkey

    Here's mine: 13+ pounds on the 26" Weber. Dry rubbed, apple wood smoked and B&B oak briquettes (my favorite when I'm not using lump). Apple cider and water in the tray. Known in the family as "smurkey" and is usually the first gone. That neat little side tray clips on the kettle - from Etsy.
  8. gjmalcyon

    WTB Looking for a Guild F-612

    That's not a F-612. It is a F-512 SPEC. See this thread:
  9. gjmalcyon

    Orpheum Orchestra body shape

    Welcome! Stick around - nice folks around here. Can't answer your question, but there is much love for Orpheums around here. My heirs will have to figure out what to do with mine.
  10. gjmalcyon

    Why isn't my mouse working?

    When I run across one of those abominations, I always threaten to flip it over and use the track ball as a mouse ball in the way <<insert your favorite deity here>> intended. I'm also old enough to remember mice with mechanical X/Y sensors. The sensors and the little rubber mouse ball would get...
  11. gjmalcyon

    3 things I am thankful for; how about you?

    18 year old me: Sex Drugs Rock 'n Roll 60-something me: My wife and kids Wine, whisky, and cigars Rock 'n Roll (and jazz and country and classical and roots music and blues and hip-hop ...)
  12. gjmalcyon

    Shave the bridge or reset

    Welcome! Stick around - nice folks around here. Check the neck angle per Frank Ford's directions on (link below) and post a picture. That will give us an idea of what the neck angle actually is. How long have you had the guitar...
  13. gjmalcyon

    Here, There, Everywhere

    Rubber Soul was such a huge break from their previous work - I think that was the inflection point that marked their transition to a studio band willing to try all sorts of things.
  14. gjmalcyon

    Annual PSA on humidity control in central and northeast / winter climes

    Single pipe steam in our house. Replaced the boiler and DHW when we moved from fuel oil to natural gas 6+ years ago. Had all the radiators removed, media blasted, and powder coated - they look fabulous. We have a towel rack immediately above the radiator in our upstairs bathroom. She Who Must...
  15. gjmalcyon

    Annual PSA on humidity control in central and northeast / winter climes

    I keep one of those in the headstock end of my cases. If they dry out they can be restored by wrapping them in damp paper towels and putting them in a Ziploc bag.
  16. gjmalcyon

    DeArmond S73 X3

    I may be willing to incur the wrath of She Who Must Be Obeyed to sneak a DeArmond 12-er into the stable.
  17. gjmalcyon

    This is a thread about nothing

    Dame Edna, perhaps.
  18. gjmalcyon

    Annual PSA on humidity control in central and northeast / winter climes

    I replaced all of the magic crystal beads inside all my Oasis humidifiers a couple of weeks ago. What came out can be best characterized as Oasis boogers. If the Oasis humidifiers were breathing through their noses in a dust storm of Dust Bowl intensity for a really long time. The new magic...
  19. gjmalcyon

    Paul Weller’s Guild love

    Are those Orpheums with the script logos?
  20. gjmalcyon

    12-string Quality

    Welcome! Stick around - nice folks around here. You will be spoilt for choice with Guild 12-strings, particularly if you are looking for used guitars. Tell us a little more about what you like: Body style (jumbo, dreadnought?), wood (maple, rosewood, mahogany?), budget?