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  1. Jared macneill

    Pedal board build

    So I’ve officially started my pedal board Tuner-NA Volume-NA Compressor- keely compressor plus 1st over drive-NA 2nd over drive - NA 1st Delay- EARTHQUAKER Spiral space 2nd delay- NA Reverb- strymon flint Tremolo- strymon flint Chorus- NA right now all three have been shipped out and I’m just...
  2. Jared macneill

    The struggles on finding what you want

    Ever go looking for a guitar that was you ? If so you know what’s that’s like . I’m really fond of double cut semi hollow guitars but there was a big issue there. i really like the looks of Gibson the big horns ,binding, 2 volume and tone , inlays and humbuckers. The problem with that is I...
  3. Jared macneill

    Earthquaker avalanche run & jhs lucky cat

    I am fairly interested in either one or both the avalanche run and lucky cat but I haven’t had the chance to try either. Years a go I was supposed to get an avalanche run but last minute things fell through. So I my question is have anyone have any experience with either pedals. the reason I...
  4. Jared macneill

    Let’s see those vintage amps

    So I’ll start. well mines a 1979 Mesa mk2a that makes the telecaster sound so warm and lovely and a 74 twin reverb that just sparkles with my tv Jones loaded guild starfire . I can’t believe I was going to sell the old Mesa . This was the third time buddy failed to show up so I told him “ I’m...
  5. Jared macneill

    Possible 74 fender twin reverb

    So this gem of a twin reverb showed up and I have a fella supposedly coming to pickup my 79 Mesa boogie. Tomorrow or the next day
  6. Jared macneill

    Guilds gone for a little bit

    Yesterday I dropped my guild off at the summerside long and McQuade location . I’m not sure when it will be finished being worked on because They have to ship it off to the other location for the work . I’m actually really excited I wanted to get this done for a year now and it’s finally...
  7. Jared macneill

    What's your amp's sweet spot

    So recently I have been doing a lot of experimenting with my old Mesa. For years I always complained how I couldn’t get the old girl to get that natural breakup you can easily get with a smaller tube amp. One of the benefits of my new place is when I was doing the renovation is we put sound...
  8. Jared macneill

    Guild lb1 replacement

    So let's make a list of pickups that will fit the lb1 withoud modification. last March I bought a guild Newark st. Starfire v, For the most I really liked the guitar but hated the pickups but found out really quickly that a normal humbucker is way too big to fit. After talking to someone...
  9. Jared macneill

    Incoming new pickup day

    So I finally decided to break down and get a set of pickups for my mim starfire v. I decided after numerous reviews and videos to go with the tv Jones t-armonds. Now the only thing is I have to wait till the end of the month due to moving and banks switching crap in order to pay for them. The...
  10. Jared macneill

    Starfire v replacement pickups

    Hi my name is Jared and I’m new here. In March I pulled the trigger on a new starfire v for $1170 cad brand new shipped to my door. I was pretty happy with they way it played and the Guild branded bigsby Is nice . But I’m not fond of the pickups . The I’m more of a single coil (telecaster) kind...