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    '77 M80 in the house...

    Congrats MM54! I believe the frets on my '76 M80 were original, the frets on yours appear somewhat wider - or perhaps worn down? Here's one for sale on Reverb for comparison
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    Found this lady on FB. Lari Basilio

    I love her playing - very expressive, great timing / dynamics / tone! Soulful, unhurried, never trying to stuff too many notes in...
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    Found this lady on FB. Lari Basilio

    She is awesome!
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    Found this lady on FB. Lari Basilio

    Helluva player -wow! I wonder if the exposed knees have anything to do with her playing style? ;)
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    Took a gamble on a 76’ Guild G-37 on the GC website.

    Clarification - was considering acoustic dreads only. Examples... can't recall seeing a D25 with anything but a one-piece neck, can't recall a D30 with anything but a 3 piece neck...
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    Took a gamble on a 76’ Guild G-37 on the GC website.

    Congrats, fingers crossed it's a good one! I believe I've seen 5-piece necks as early as '76 and as late as '78. Interesting how the necks on these changed around over the years - wondering if any other Guild models had one, three, and 5-piece necks?
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    Albert Lee Starfire?

    Nice vid Uke, thanks for posting, cool to hear Albert talk about his influences.
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    Shave the bridge or reset

    If it were mine, and I planned on keeping the guitar - neck reset. But you have to find someone good - Fixit on this forum offers the service and has long experience with Guilds.
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    Guild Burnside Crossbow Review

    Outstanding read, as ever!
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    DeArmond S73 X3

    "Wrath Incursion" - sounds like a metal band :LOL: Two of a kind:
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    '68 D25

    The oldest D25 I owned was a '71 flat back - ok guitar - imo your '68 D35 was way better. But - sold that '71 to Richard Fortus (GnR) who seemed to really dig it. No photos of him playing it unfortunately!
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    ‘67 F47

    Ah, can see it now - flattened out across the top. Recalling that D35 bridge was about right - low enough for easy action, high enough off the soundboard. Reviewing some photos of that guitar, also appreciating the cool "airfoil" contour in the middle area of the bridge as viewed from the side.
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    ‘67 F47

    Donny, I've observed the outer "wings" on early Westerly bridges - on all 4 examples I owned - are remarkably thin - I don't think the bridges were shaved on any of them. Is there a noticeable difference in the bridge thickness between this and the D35?
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    New guitar day. DeArmond M75.
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    ‘67 F47

    Damn nice guitar - congrats!
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    Can anyone ID this Bluesbird?

    Not the first time smitten either :sneaky: Apologies for the veer - special edition Squier gold top from early 2Ks.
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    Can anyone ID this Bluesbird?

    Thanks GAD! Maybe they did but thus far this the only one I've seen. Have to confess, I fell for the look and had to have it!;)
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    Can anyone ID this Bluesbird?

    Not sure what year but photos below are of an NS solid-body Bluesbird with a gold top. Purchased from an Oxnard employee. There's an interesting push function (coil tap?) on the volume knobs that alters the tone somewhat. Very nice guitar!
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    My "Hoboken" D-35