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  1. Teleguy61

    Favorite Beatles song

    There so many that I love, but there is no doubt that the rooftop Get Back is epic, by any standard.
  2. Teleguy61

    1991 X-500 Sb

    Beautiful guitar! I have one or I'd be there. And it's an excellent price.
  3. Teleguy61

    What do you notice first?

    Nothing wrong with those feet......
  4. Teleguy61

    1991 X-500 Sb

    Lovely guitar, but this thread also qualifies for BGUF!
  5. Teleguy61

    Yardbirds singer died in 1976, electrocuted by his guitar.

    More than once, a competent equipment guy has checked polarity and found that the feed for the amps on stage and the sound offstage were on opposite legs of 240. Very scary stuff.
  6. Teleguy61

    Guy Clark "without Getting Killed or Caught"

    Much has been said about the relationship of Guy, Susanna and Townes. This apparently has the benefit of Susanna's diaries, and a very sympathetic producer. Hugely creative trio of artists.
  7. Teleguy61

    Freddie Green with Count Basie

    Great stuff, thanks. Robben Ford is a big Freddie Green fan, and advocates his style for comping behind songs. Simple, three note chords--root, seven, three, and steady steady steady. I was fortunate enough to hear, once, the Basie band with Freddie Green. Duffy Jackson on drums. The band was...
  8. Teleguy61

    Nice Memorial Article on Eva Cassidy

    A huge talent, not fully realized. That is a tragedy.
  9. Teleguy61

    Cold, Cold Heart

    Might want to bear in mind that she named her band The Little Willies, and did not see the humor in that until the bandmembers pointed it out. They were not consulted!
  10. Teleguy61

    RIP Sonny Osborne

    I agree. What a voice.
  11. Teleguy61

    RIP Sonny Osborne

    Hugely influential artists. Their straightforward playing and wonderful singing are always good. Bobby an amazing voice.
  12. Teleguy61

    So You Wanna Be A Rock'n'Roll star

    Well said @DrumBob. I've been fortunate to see Chris live twice--once with SWOTR and once in a duo with Herb Pedersen, which was also a transcendent performance. In earlier days, I was always gigging and didn't get to see a lot of shows.
  13. Teleguy61

    So You Wanna Be A Rock'n'Roll star

    I was a hit or miss Byrds fan back in the day, but I have come to realize they are an enormously important part of American music history. If you can listen to Turn Turn Turn and not crack a tear, you are a better man than me. We went to see the Sweetheart of the Rodeo 50th Anniversary show with...
  14. Teleguy61

    Ok...Enough is enough. Ready to upgrade to a better beer. Done with the macro-swill...

    This is a classic heavy bodied hazy IPA, and legendary because of its limited production. Personally, I am a big fan of--
  15. Teleguy61

    Delia, my 1963 Artist Award

    Very nice, and like all Duke material, I love the tune.
  16. Teleguy61

    Ok...Enough is enough. Ready to upgrade to a better beer. Done with the macro-swill...

    +1 for Wormtown. Be Hoppy is a solid, reliable good beer (IPA actually of course).
  17. Teleguy61

    Ok...Enough is enough. Ready to upgrade to a better beer. Done with the macro-swill...

    Don't know where you are, but do some research on breweries in your locale, smaller ones for sure. You may find some excellent products that are worth the extra money.
  18. Teleguy61

    Attacks of Curmudgeonness, what can you do?

    I totally feel your pain. During the last 18 months of isolation, my social skills and social tolerance have atrophied very seriously. Difficult to stop myself from yelling at people, and yelling at neighbors is not a good look. Best of luck to you, and to me too!
  19. Teleguy61

    Commander COdy RIP

    My band opened for them in 1974 or so, and they were just regular guys, very friendly and welcoming. Very influential through the years.