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  1. SFIV1967

    ID vintage Guild from old photo

    Marty Sanders obviously had good taste in guitars! Love the big headstock on that F-50. Interesting also it has no fret markers! 😲 Also what is very cool, now we have the so far missing picture (well for us, not Hans) of the 6th one (well number 3 in order of them) and I need to rewrite that...
  2. SFIV1967

    WTB Harp tailpiece artist award broken.

    Billydlight found a guy who welded his Guildsby. Not sure if it is possible on that design however. Ralf
  3. SFIV1967

    NGD X 3

    There was no F-40 between roughly 1963 and 1972! So either in later 1972 or January 1973 (not 100% sure when that below flyer was published) the new 16" mini-jumbo shaped F-40 was announced and was already shown in the January 1973 pricelist. If you look at Richard's picture you clearly see that...
  4. SFIV1967

    Scrubbing a Guild

  5. SFIV1967

    NGD X 3

    The one Richard bought is an arched back! Yes, at that time both versions were offered, the "all blond maple" and the "mahogany shaded maple" versions. Ralf
  6. SFIV1967

    NGD CO-1 Cedar

    Al had posted a label of one, it was a few serial numbers away from Glenn's: The Hattedfrau also has or had one. Ralf
  7. SFIV1967

    NGD CO-1 Cedar

    2006 already: "Vintage F-30 body" Ralf
  8. SFIV1967

    "Made in Germany" harp tailpiece.

    That's definitely a question for @hansmoust ! (The German one was made by "Johann Müller & Sohn" in Erlangen/Germany.) Ralf
  9. SFIV1967

    Refin Starfire bass?

    Are you talking Polyurethan (means Newark St.) or Nitro? Usually you would scrape the nitro off, sanding is not the right way. But with Polyurethan this is brutal...I would not want to do this on a semi-hollow body...Basically if Newark St. I'd say forget about the idea. You might want to...
  10. SFIV1967

    How to straighten an off center Starfire Bass bridge?

    Yes. Source: That's a vintage Hagstrom version on the left but basically the same: Source: Ralf
  11. SFIV1967

    S65-D headstock overlay issue

    I believe the guitar has a serial number you just don't see it from that angle as they were sometimes were lightly stamped. And as Hans said the tuners are original to that vintage, the strip tuners were used earlier. So it has nothing to do with a prototype, it's a regular one. Ralf
  12. SFIV1967

    Guild Mk II Vintage?

    Welcome to LTG! They are not showing in the official serial number list but your Mark II with CB-2099 was made in year 1969. Even that she has a Hoboken label she might have been made already in the Westerly factory which reused the old labels until they were gone. Maybe Hans can confirm this if...
  13. SFIV1967

    Old School F-40 (not jumbo) Info Please?

    Tunda Music were and still are an official Guild dealer and they bought a ton of Guitars from New Hartford in 2014 when the factory closed. Since they offered the guitars for very high prices and they are in Canada, there was not a lot of interest in them I guess. They had loads of Orpheum...
  14. SFIV1967

    Old School F-40 (not jumbo) Info Please?

    They came out with the December 1 , 1963 pricelist: 1964 catalog: Ralf
  15. SFIV1967

    How to straighten an off center Starfire Bass bridge?

    Here's a very early one with 2012 serial number, looks fine over the pole pieces. Can't say about the low string going inwards on the bridge because I'm not sure if that is an issue of the angle of the picture. So how does your one look like? I would remove the saddle pieces, so the low and...
  16. SFIV1967

    Old School F-40 (not jumbo) Info Please?

    The first version was available from 1954 till 1963 only. 1954 catalog: Simple G headstock inlay. 1960 catalog: Chesterfield headstock inlays. (used since about 1957) Nothing between 1963 and 1972. In 1972/73 this 16" version came out: Ralf
  17. SFIV1967

    I know I'm gonna be sorry I asked but......

    Not "some" but almost all if you talk hollow body and semi-hollow body starting in 1953 till now. Very very few exceptions only. Ralf
  18. SFIV1967

    WTB WTB - Guild M65-DP

    So you want to be Keith Richards? :cool: Ralf
  19. SFIV1967

    Guild Model 140 guitar cabinet

    JBL D-140F according to that page. Wouldn't the 140 badge point to it? Ralf