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    Applied Audio, Hilgen and Guild

    The feller who was behind Hilgen amplifiers founded Applied Audio, who built effects for Guild, and some of the first transistor amps too.
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    Dyle Dykes@LMG

    I completely forgot that he played my T-500. <facepalm>
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    Quick question re: Bisonics

    Is the chrome surround conductive? I'm working on making a replacement mount and there is a wire leading from the ground lug into the rubbery glue they used to mount the pup. I could then laminate aluminum sheet between layers of abs and solve both durability and shielding issues. Actually...
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    Possible Hagstrom vibrato replacement

    For the haters. But seriously, this looks like it might drop in, with a little bit of woodworking.
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    Charlie Watts has passed

    Just heard this on the radio.
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    I got guilted into picking this up.
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    64 Guild single coil teardown

    In my continuing search for a loose Mickey Mouse pickup, This example of the 63-64ish Guild single coil pickup popped up on ebay. It was not functioning, but I have a working copy on the S-50 that @AcornHouse sold to me. It's on it's way down from Maine, so it should be here in a couple of...
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    WTB Mickey Mouse pickup wanted

    A loose MM pickup. For research purposes.
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    When you have no shame...

    You trash-pick stuff like this.
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    Can someone school me on these? I bought a bunch of stuff from somebody that got out of the repair business, and apparently I have a bunch of power amps based on ICs that could be used for something like this.
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    Because I like language

    • An Oxford comma walks into a bar where it spends the evening watching the television, getting drunk, and smoking cigars. • A dangling participle walks into a bar. Enjoying a cocktail and chatting with the bartender, the evening passes pleasantly. • A bar was walked into by the passive...
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    Ok. (Transformer talk)

    I'm looking into having some transformers made with 6v, 50v, and 110 windings for those shock-o-matic mid-50's Guild amps. In order to make these safe, this is the only elegant way to do it. Hammond quoted me >$700 Ameros to wind a tranny for my 200S. Edcor makes one suitable for the Model 60...
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    Electronic Industries Association Codes

    Listed on this page are the EIA numbers for most manufacturers from 1946 on. I'm stickying this so they can be easily found in the future.
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    Lb1 polepieces thread size

    At work, but I am curious. What thread size are these, M3s?
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    Shout out to the Guitar center in Connecticut

    So I'm a weak weak man. A guild amp showed up on my search on the Connecticut Guitar center website. There's a little bit high for what I normally would want to pay, but I saw some things on there that were kind of unique. So I put it on the GC credit card, and just chided myself for having no...
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    Glue removal.

    On the project Starfire I'm working on, some nimrod slathered what appears to be, wood glue of some sort over the neck joint. The joint appears to be solid, just that the lacquer cracked. I chiseled off as much as I could with a blade, but there is some residual glue that needs to come off. What...
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    Political discussion

    I want to remind members that politics is off-limits on LTG. Your moderators will slam the door on any discussion which goes in that direction. In the U.S. this is an election year and I'm quite sure most of us have our opinions about the subject, but they are not to be expressed, indulged, or...
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    Relative depth of Guild archtops

    Acornhouse has helped me score a case for my 65 CE-100D, which renders it's present case redundant. So, now to find whatever fits the case better. It's really too deep for the Capri.
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    Lefty NS Starfire Did I miss the memo on this?
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    T-500 with HB-1s

    For you folks that aren't on FB