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  1. Taylor Martin Guild

    Guild 8 String Baritone Update

    I had to send my 8 string baritone back to Cordoba due t5o cracks in the top of the guitar. The cracks are at each end of the bridge. Cordoba will make it right and replace the guitar. The problem is that they don't have any of them in stock. It will be sometime in November before they get any...
  2. Taylor Martin Guild

    Guild Baritone Going Back

    I purchased the 8 string baritone in March. Today, I noticed that there are two cracks in the top of the guitar at the edges of the bridge. They are small right now, less than 1/2" but they will most likely grow. I have kept the guitar humidified so that should not be the problem. Looks like...
  3. Taylor Martin Guild

    Compare Guild American 12 String Guitars to Their Imports?

    Never seen a Guild import 12 string to play so I'm asking others here if they have. How do they compare to each other? What other brand 12 string sounds close to Guild's import 12 strings? I had a newer Yamaha LL-16-12 and while it was nice, it was missing something.
  4. Taylor Martin Guild

    Whaoo, I Finally Got My Baritone!

    After a few months of aggravation, I received my new Guild 8 string baritone today. It was shipped from California to Utah in 2 days! The guitar is beautiful and the set up is good with the exception of the octave string for the forth string. [.012] The octave string [.012] is a lot closer to...
  5. Taylor Martin Guild

    Guild 8 String Baritone On It's Way!

    I just pre ordered the new 8 string baritone. It will be mid April before I see it. Excited to see how it compares to the Alvarez 6 string baritone that I sold to fund the new Guild.
  6. Taylor Martin Guild

    New Old Guitar Day

    I took my D-55 to my local guitar tech about m8 months ago to have some work done to the top of the guitar. I had used a John Pearse Arm Rest on it and after a few years, I decided to remove the rest because it was causing my arm and shoulder to hurt. After several months of frustration with the...
  7. Taylor Martin Guild

    Martin Retro Strings for a 12 String Guitar?

    Have any of you tried Martin Retro Strings on your 12 string guitar? [Monel] I did on my Yamaha LL 16 12 that has Rosewood sides and back. I was very disappointed with them. They were dull and had no bottom end. The guitar was hard to tune and didn't stay in tune. After not liking the strings...
  8. Taylor Martin Guild

    D-55 or F512 which is worth more?

    Is a D-55 and a comparable year and condition F-512 worth about the same amount? I know that there 6 more strings on the F-512 but that doesn't necessarily mean that is it worth more than a D-55 as far as used resale valued goes? I ask because I may be looking to make that switch. It would...
  9. Taylor Martin Guild

    You don't miss them till they are gone.

    I have posted about my D-55 and the Arm Rest problem. It has been at my Tech's place for about a month now. I can't believe how much I am missing it. I have had thoughts about selling it but I now realize just how much I would miss it if it were gone permanently.
  10. Taylor Martin Guild

    What is DV-73 in excellent condition worth?

    I may be selling a few guitars and would possibly be interested in a DV-73 as a replacement. Is $3,000.00 about right for one that is in very good/excellent condition? I know that they are hard to find but I'm in no hurry.
  11. Taylor Martin Guild

    Guild Guitars and John Pearse Armrest Warning!

    Several years ago, I placed a John Pearse Armrest on my D-55. After playing with the guard on the guitar for a few years, I decided to take it off to see how the guitar felt without the rest. To my shock and dismay, the finish on the guitar where the rest was attached looked like it had melted...
  12. Taylor Martin Guild

    Tacoma Era D-55 Nut Width

    I usually don't get too involved in the tech said of guitar but today I thought I would check the nut width on a couple of guitars. To my surprise, my D-55 measured at 1.75" I thought that D-55 Guilds had 1 11/16" nuts. So was 1.75 the normal for a Tacoma era D-55?
  13. Taylor Martin Guild

    New Guitar Day non Guild content

    I have a very good friend that built me a dream guitar. Here are a few pictires of Zoey. Here are some of her specs. Adirondack Top Zebrawood Back and Sides Mahogany Neck Ebony Fretboard and Bridge Gold Evo Frets Abalone Fretboard Inlay Rosewood Headstock Mother of Pearl Headstock Inlay Grover...
  14. Taylor Martin Guild

    Guild D-55 Replacement Tuners

    Does anyone make open back replacement tuners that are drop in for a D-55. Mine is a 2005 from Tacoma.
  15. Taylor Martin Guild

    What Pickup Is In My D-55?

    My 2005 Tacoma built D-55 came with a factory installed pickup. It's a USP with a 9 volt battery located the body in a velcro case. My question is what is the make and model of the pickup and is it adjustable for volume? There are no adjustment knobs on the guitar. I would like to tone down...
  16. Taylor Martin Guild

    Guild D-55 Update

    I posted that I was thinking about selling my D-55 to get a smaller guitar. After looking at a lot of smaller guitars, I realized that my ear is tuned to a Dred sound. Yes, there were some great sounding smaller guitars but none of them had the tone that I was looking for. One reason for...
  17. Taylor Martin Guild

    What Is My D-55 Worth?

    I may be looking to sell my D-55 to fund a smaller body guitar. Mine is a Tacoma built from 2005. It is in very good condition with one exception. I have an arm rest on it and the glue from the rest has softened the finish, causing some rough areas. It is not very noticeable and with the rest...
  18. Taylor Martin Guild

    D-55 Tuner Button Replacement

    I own a 2005 Tacoma built D-55. The gold color on the tuner buttons are wearing off. I would like to replace the buttons with Amber buttons. Any idea where to find the correct buttons for these tuners? They are closed tuners, not the newer open ones.
  19. Taylor Martin Guild

    12 Fret Guilds

    Does Guild offer a 12 fret guitar?
  20. Taylor Martin Guild

    Looking For A Smaller Guild

    Play Dred size guitars has been a bit painful for a couple of years. I have a very nice Washburn GA size guitar and a Reso guitar that are a bit smaller than a Dred. These guitars are less painful on my shoulder when I play them. So what would be a good Guild that has a big sound with a strong...