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    Does the Newark lineup change every year?

    I'm just wondering if Guild changes up the Newark lineup far as colors, features etc every year? Anybody know?
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    2018 Starfire IV ST

    I bought this guitar from Sweetwater not having played one at any local store. I went with the Sunburst stop tail model and I got a discount of $100 bringing the total to $1050 shipped. When I got it I did tighten the truss rod just a bit to take some relief out of the neck, dropped the string...
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    Pics of my new 1978 Starfire SF-4

    Hey all, I recently bought a Newark SF and I've been so impressed with it, that it gave me major GAS to find a Westerley made Starfire I had been scanning Craigslist and found this gem in Asheville, NC. It was owned by a 91 year old lifelong bluegrass musician. I'll let the pics do the...