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    Vintage Archtops

    A couple of months back I posted a 1st edition copy of Hans book, even signed by Hans, on this Forum's B & S page. I still have it. If someone is interested, just PM me.
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    Help Posting Picture Attachments?

    Help Posting Picture Attachments? Resolved...thanks. I can't find any window that allows me to upload a picture attachment from my computer. When I try to post picture attachments from my computer, the "insert image" icon only gives me the option of adding an image from a URL. What am I...
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    What TONE from this ole Guild!!

    This guy can sure play but the tone he gets from the P-90's on his Guild arch top, coupled with the Bigsby and dropped D tuning, is really phat sounding! Strong melody and great playing. Thought you Guild enthusiasts would enjoy listening to this short 1 minute sound clip...
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    Guild Starfire IV Sighting....incredibly tasteful guitar solo

    Oops...duplicate post