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  1. Nid2007

    2012 D50 Question

    Hi, I came upon a G45 a few months ago, and fell in love on first strum. Now I purchased my second Guild in 2 months, a 2012 D50. Here is a link to the D50 coming my way I’d like to know if it had a pick...
  2. Nid2007

    GF-60 (Maple) and G-45 ?

    Hi, I stumbled upon a 1980's Hank Williams Jr model G-45 over the weekend and was smitten. I'm primarily a Gibson acoustic guy and generally gravitate toward lighter weight acoustics. This G-45 is tank, but the ebony fretboard felt really good in the hand and this dread resonated and played...
  3. Nid2007

    Orpheum OM String Advice?

    Anyone know if the Orpheum 12 fret OM can handle medium strings? Strring recommendations welcome. Thanks!