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  1. walrus

    Looking for my old M65 3/4 Freshman

    Welcome, Fraish, and good luck in your quest! A long shot, but an interesting tale! walrus
  2. walrus

    GSR 20

    John, take it as a compliment! It's a rite of passage on LTG! walrus
  3. walrus


    Sounds great, Rich! Congratulations, that is a beautiful looking and sounding guitar! walrus
  4. walrus

    A Bizarre Form Factor for a Bootleg

    If you saw the thread I posted with the Ringo interview on Kimmel, he said his latest EP sold the most copies on cassette! Makes you wonder if this could be real. Supposedly In Utero is available in 8-track, too... walrus
  5. walrus

    Gibson Generation series

    Oh, great post! LMAO! You got me - edit made and date fixed! walrus
  6. walrus

    BGUF - Beautiful Guitar, Ugly Feet

    I know it's an optical illusion, but it looks like he has two very different sized legs! walrus
  7. walrus

    Festival in Orleans (France)

    I only eat authentic Gibson cuisine... walrus
  8. walrus

    Sir Ringo on Kimmel last night

    I don't. Just saw the YouTube clip! walrus
  9. walrus

    Gibson Generation series

    3 minutes, 3 posts! Way to up the ole post count. WW! :p walrus
  10. walrus

    GSR 20

    Based on this thread alone, the backs on all of them must be unreal! walrus
  11. walrus

    Sir Ringo on Kimmel last night

    Hard to believe he's 81! walrus
  12. walrus

    any Phil X fans?

    See posts #5 and #6. I think only GAD really can't stand him! :ROFLMAO: walrus
  13. walrus

    Music as protest

    Before this thread gets closed, I might just comment that the vast majority of any "traditional folk music", and in fact it's roots in musical history, would advocate for non-violent protest. There are exceptions of course. There shouldn't really be any need for anyone's butt to be kicked or...
  14. walrus

    NGD 2010 F50R

    Wow! Beautiful 'burst on that! Congrats! walrus
  15. walrus

    New F-40 Traditional

    Very nice! Congratulations! walrus
  16. walrus

    GSR 20

    Beautiful! walrus
  17. walrus

    any Phil X fans?

    I subscribe to his channel so I must like him. But some of his videos are too much talking and pontificating. He's at his best when he breaks down a song ("What Makes this Song Great"), dissects the current Top 10, or interviews an artist. He has a great ear and it's cool when he shows you...
  18. walrus

    GSR 20

    Welcome, MMS! More pictures, please! walrus
  19. walrus


    Yes, that has been my experience s well. If you want to sell to them, it's the same thing, it has to got through the corporate "Vintage Department". walrus
  20. walrus

    any Phil X fans?

    Beato in small doses only. He is a very good interviewer, let's the person talk, but again, small doses. walrus