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  1. jp

    Huge Vintage Guitar Collection Stolen

    Did anyone else hear about this? This is horrible, and I can't even imagine. Be on the lookout. There's a link below the video to a PDF list.
  2. jp

    NGD Gold Top Fever

    So I finally got the chance to acquire a NS M-75 Aristocrat. Much thanks Default! I guess this was originally GAD's, so it once again remains happily in "la famiglia della LTG." This arrived over the weekend, but I just got a chance to set it up. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics I'm noted...
  3. jp

    How to create "enhanced links"?

    How does one create these "enhanced links." Sorry, but I'm not sure what to call them. I see them for ebay and Reverb. These are the ones I'm referring to. I barely recall reading about this once, and after many failed searches, I just couldn't find the thread that explained how to create...
  4. jp

    Nice Guild headstock overlay replacement

    I stumbled across this Jersey area luthier's blogpost showing his replacement of a Guild headstock overlay. He seems to have done a nice job. Anyone of you Jersey folks have experience with this luthier? Guild headstock overlay replacement
  5. jp

    Ted Beesley Book

    I got lucky last week and scored the Ted Beesley Guitar History Volume #5 - Guild Guitars for $20.00 on eBay. They really don't come up for sale that often, and when they do, they seem to be radically overpriced. It just arrived in somewhat decent shape. I can't wait to dig into it, well...
  6. jp

    Unexpected Guild spotting on The Voice

    I stumbled across this youtube compilation vid of The Voice and was surprised to see this vintage Guild. Usually contestants on these talent shows invariably play newer guitars. Best views start at 0:58. I'm not quite certain what it is. The headstock inlay design makes me guess it's a...
  7. jp

    Looking for capo recommendations

    Being mostly an electric player, I almost never use a capo. I still have a couple of the old simple strap kind that I've had for years. Lately, I've been giving my youngest guitar lessons, which has prompted me to look for a newer alternative. They seem so much more dependable and easy to use...
  8. jp

    Look who I just got a package from. . .

    I'm pretty stoked. She's got some jazz instructional materials on her website, and it seems like I'll dig her chord-centered (rather than emphasis on scale) approach to learning jazz. Now I've got another shut-in activity to focus on!
  9. jp

    RIP Ellis Marsalis, Jr.

    As usual, I'm a little late to the party, but I wanted to post a quick memorial to the late great Ellis Marsalis who we've also lost to COVID-19 a few days ago. NPR Story Here Not only was he a leading educator to a host of current jazz greats, but I believe that his sons are the beginning...
  10. jp

    NGD - Fender American Series Stratocaster - The itch has been scratched!

    I thought I'd post pics of my recently acquired 2001 Fender American Stratocaster. It came with a Fender gig bag, so I picked up a cool G&G gray tweed case on craigslist. It's only got a few nicks by the bottom strap lock which aren't so visible. The official color is chrome blue, and it seems...
  11. jp

    Premier Guitar article on Oliver Wood talking about his T-100D (of The Wood Brothers)

    I know that someone once posted pics and a vid Oliver Wood of The Wood Brothers playing his T-100D. Here are a couple more including a Premier Guitar article with him talking about it a little bit. Premier Guitar article on Oliver Wood (of The Wood Brothers) T-100D Love these guys!
  12. jp

    Guild Serial number question

    I saw this on this Reverb listing . . . . . . and wondered if anyone knows anything about the letter "T" in the serial number. Does it look like something a previous owner simply added, or is this some kind of official...
  13. jp

    1976 BluesBird M-75CS questions

    Ok -- these may be stupid questions, and I feel a bit ignorant, since I feel I should know this. I'm trying to learn more about my 1976 solid body Bluesbird M-75CS. I have two questions: 1) Is the finish poly or nitro? By touch, it feels like polyurethane to me, and there is no evidence of...
  14. jp

    Unexpected Guild sighting

    I stumbled across this image out there in the ethernets. Guess the person, guess the Guild!
  15. jp

    Woohoo! NAD!

    So while poking around my favorite local vintage shop, I was chatting with the manager, and he pointed out a VOX AC15TBX that he had just taken in trade. He had priced it and was about to put it out. I've been looking around for one of these British Marshall-manufactured examples for a while...
  16. jp

    The Gold Foil pickup comeback

    Has anyone else noticed the rising interest in gold foil pickups? GFS, Lollar, and Mojotone are all making their own variations of them now, and there are a multitude of reviews on the net. I've watched a bunch of youtube vids, and I'm intrigued. They definitely do sound distinctive, but I think...
  17. jp

    Guild Article in Music Trades Magazine

    I noticed at one of my local shops that this magazine has an article on the Guild reboot, however, I don't have access to it. Do any of you music shop folks have a copy of this article and issue?
  18. jp

    NGD: 1976 BluesBird M-75

    So it's been a looong time since I've been able to do this, but it's finally a New Guild Day for me. Woohoo! I can now check this one off my list. I spotted this on craigslist and managed to hold off a week or so until I had to give in. Little did I know that this belonged to LTG member Horuss...
  19. jp

    Interesting Offering from Fender

    Has anyone noticed this unusual offering from Fender? The Fender Classic Player Rascal Bass. It's like a Fender VI-meets-Danelectro, with three lipstick pickups, short scale, and a matching headstock. I think it's pretty cool. The most noticeable feature for us, of course, is the Guild...
  20. jp

    1966 Jet Star

    This afternoon while checking in on my consigned Ampeg Portaflex I looked on the wall of my favorite vintage shop, and I saw this hanging there. I actually physically started because you just don't see these very often -- a 1966 Guild Jet Star with a Dearmond Turbo Jet pickup. Serial number SD...