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    Happy Holidays To Everyone Here at LTG!

    Merry Christmas to everybody from eastern KY! Charlie
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    Happy Thanksgiving to All my friends here.....

    Hope everybody has a great day! Charlie
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    Happy New year !

    Happy New Year to everyone!
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    A picture is worth a thousand words

    Dang, my eyes are leaking... Bless your heart, Dread...
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    If you'ra a praying man (or woman)

    Prayers sent....
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    Pevey Made In America bass, from late 70s

    Bought a new T-60 just like this one, only guitar I ever sold, and I regret it to this day...
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    next Oxnard model announced ...

    If I read correctly, says that they will be making fewer than 100 this year..
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    Just got my new Guild D- 120 dreadnaught. A FANTASTIC guitar.

    Nice little tune and great sound��...the Chinese made Guilds are some really nice guitars.
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    Ngd - d80-12

    Stunning.... Both to the eye and the ear. Ky
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    Happy Holiday's all

    Merry Christmas, peace and good health to my family here at LTG.... KY
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    So when is it time....

    Boy... This thread brings so many thoughts and emotions to the front for me.. I am 56 now, and have been giving some thought to which guitars I will leave to each of my 2 daughters (the other stuff I have doesn't really matter that much, the guitars are my most personal possessions).. My...
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    NGD - D-140CE Natural

    Well folks, I couldn't take the pressure any longer, I jumped on the Sweetwater wagon and snagged a new D-140CE. Should be arriving on my doorstep sometime tomorrow. I've been thinking for a while now about getting something that I could plug in to keep up with friends with pickups, and...
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    Martin Retro "Monel" strings

    I'll have to try a set of these on my F-50. A local music shop owner I know says they last a long time also, and he was thinking of switching from Elixers to the Monels.. An interesting side note.. The facility I work at was built in 1922 by the International Nickel Company (INCO) to produce...
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    Taylor Roadshow?

    Have been to several of these, the most recent a couple of weeks ago. This one had one guild employee and a second guy who was a hired gun slinger. The shows are informative, regardless of what brand you play. They demonstrate the differences that body size and shape have on the sound a guitar...
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    Where Might Guild Land Next?

    Just wondering if anybody knows what other facilities in the US might end up with Guild acoustic production? Is Corona the likely site, or are there other possibilities? KY
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    Today I gave up command

    +1+1+1+1 Thank You!!
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    Guild sighting on The Voice

    I haven't checked lately (until just now)... I see something on 9/23, is there something newer? Maybe I haven't gotten used to navigating the new site yet.....
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    Guild sighting on The Voice

    Yeah, he did a really great job, and beautiful sound from his Guild, a D-55 I believe... KY
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    Phil Keggy coming to Vancouver Nov 22-23

    Definitely one of the best players in existence. I've seen him probably 10 times from 1983 on up until a couple of years ago. He keeps getting better with time. KY
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    Who Is Your Favorite Guitar Player?

    Phil Keaggy.....