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    NGD - D-140CE Natural

    Well folks, I couldn't take the pressure any longer, I jumped on the Sweetwater wagon and snagged a new D-140CE. Should be arriving on my doorstep sometime tomorrow. I've been thinking for a while now about getting something that I could plug in to keep up with friends with pickups, and...
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    Where Might Guild Land Next?

    Just wondering if anybody knows what other facilities in the US might end up with Guild acoustic production? Is Corona the likely site, or are there other possibilities? KY
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    Guild F-1512E Review

    Very nice review of the F-1512E from the GAD series. ... leid=27495 KY
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    Fans of Travis Style - Meet Josh Woods

    If you like Travis style picking, you need to take a listen to this young man from Eastern KY. He has been basically playing guitar around the house since he was a little kid, while his parents and friends tried to convince him of his talent. They finally talked him into entering a competition...
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    Guild GAD and Blueridge?

    Maybe someone here knows...what Chinese factory actually builds the GAD Guilds? I have heard that the GAD's and Blueridge guitars come out of the same place. I've only played a few of the Blueridge guitars, but in my limited experience they seem to be the only Chinese guitars that come close...
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    Guild Advertisements?

    I was just wondering, has anybody out there seen any ads in recent magazines for Guilds? I only subscribe to one of the major acoustic mags, but 3-4 months ago the Guild ads stopped. Are they just trying to lower demand for instruments during the switchover to the new factory?